NORTHERN LIGHTS - A true story of the Aurora Borealis -
NORTHERN LIGHTS - A true story of the Aurora Borealis -

Northern Lights–the Arctic’s auroras

In March 2015, a rarely seen giant magnetic storm created stunning auroras around the Arctic. Using MAKIBISHI, a high-resolution omnidirectional camera system developed for this purpose, you can enjoy the sensation of looking up at the night sky in Alaska—not just at the auroras but also the beautiful twilight sky and stars. 


2 Viewing modes

Movie Mode:

A beautiful symphony of the majestic aurora and the star-lit skies. You can also gaze at the break-up of the auroras that emit strong, bright rays.

Slideshow Mode:

Access omnidirectional pictures in their original resolution (15K×7.5K pixel) and enjoy high-resolution film materials.
Zoom in to look through the sceneries of Alaska as well as the beautiful curtains of auroras and the stars.
About the camera system

High resolution omnidirectional camera system MAKIBISHI

The high resolution omnidirectional camera system MAKIBISHI and the controlling device designed by us allowed a maximum of 7.5 hours of time-lapse shooting of 360-degree surrounding scenery and a horizontal viewing angle of 260 degrees from the zenith to the foot of the camera.


About the music

The video also features 5 original musical composition written by pianist Yuriko Nakamura with 6.2ch surround sound. Enjoy the beautiful sounds of the piano, cello, flute and percussion play in sync with the movements and the brightness of the auroras.

Product information

Product Name: NORTHERN LIGHTS - A true story of the Aurora Borealis -
Platform: PlayStation®4 (PlayStation®VR required)
Genre: Unique
Release Date: 2017-10-31
Publisher: ORIHALCON Technologies, Inc.
Developer: SCALE Factory Inc.
No. of Player(s): 1
Age Range: All ages
Language: Voice:
Subtitle: English
Copyright: OKASAN Securities Group