Genre: Horror Publisher: SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
Release Date: 2018/7/19 Developer: SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
Age Range: 18+ Voice: Japanese
Subtitle: Traditional Chinese

Fall to the end of despair...

New fear given by Nippon Ichi Software that produced "Yomawari" "Hayarigami" series, that is cinematic horror adventure "Closed Nightmare". This work is a new horror entertainment that combines live-action video and adventure game.

Player is a woman and awake in a dark and stormy room without her memories. A young voice is heard from the phone which suddenly ringed in the confusion...

"Your name is Maria Kamishiro, and you are a participant in this experiment."

"You have a role to play."

Without knowing any purpose, Maria goes forward. She does not know that a lot of unreasonable fear await her ahead-

The main feature of this work is the performance using live-action videos. The event scene will progress with a movie of the first-person viewpoint where you can experience the sight that the protagonist is seeing. Look forward to the new horror performance  Nippon Ichi Software will challenge.

Performance just like a horror movie
by live-action videos.

In the main points of this title, event scenes consist of live-action videos.

Because of first-person camera work and performance by actor, you can enjoy a highly immersive fear as if you are experiencing yourself.

"Search part" to examine items and clues.

In the search part, you can check the part of the room that you concerned.

Check the object and find clues to unlock the trick. 

You get information using an instant camera or IC recorder that you obtained.

"Gimmick part" to unravel numerous mysteries.

There are several rooms inside the building, and some gimmicks is set in each room.

Aiming for escape from the building, solve these gimmicks and puzzles in the gimmick part.

Basically, this game is a "thinking game" that searches for the correct answer based on the clues you got, but sometimes there are crazy and cruel games...


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