Little Dragons Café

Genre: Adventure Publisher: SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
Release Date: 2018/8/30 Developer: TOYBOX Inc.
Age Range: All ages Voice: Japanese

Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Korean

Adventure life
in the fantasy world together with a dragon♪

Little Dragons Café is a brand new title from Bokujou Monogatari creator Yasuhiro Wada. 

The story opens with a twin brother and sister and a newborn dragon discovering ingredients and new recipes to run a small café. 

Communicate with customers to solve their troubles, and as the dragon grew up it became possible to go to the place where you could not go. 

A variety of stories progresses mainly around the cafe in a fantasy world.

Also, enjoy the charming character living in the fantasy world by  Bokujo Monogatari" artist Matsuyamaigusa designs."

Let's go on an adventure to find recipes
and ingredients!

The main job of the player is to find cooking recipes and ingredients! Take back the wild birds to harvest eggs, hunt monsters, pick fruits, vegetables, seasonings in trees and bushes, and you can enjoy sea and river fishing. Cooking with the recipe and ingredients found, increase the menu of the cafe more and more.

The world spreading with a dragon!

With the help of your dragon, collect ingredients from caves, hunt animals and make meat, and collect even more ingredients.

As the story progresses, the dragon grows, enabling you to do more things, such as break obstacles, push rocks, fly in the sky, and going to places you have never been able to go.

The color can be also changed depending on what it is fed. There are 20 dragon colors. Raise it to be of your favorite color by giving it the food of the same color.

A heart-warming story told
in the cafe of a fantasy world

Many customers to the cafe have troubles and secrets that can not open to anyone.

Their hearts will gradually open spending their time together. Let's make delicious dishes and help them.

The key to their troubles and secrets is "cooking". Let's solve with delicious dishes.


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