Touhou Genso Wanderer -Reloaded-
Asia All-in-One Edition

Genre: Roguelike RPG Publisher: SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
Release Date: 2018/6/28 Developer: AQUA STYLE
Age Range: All ages Voice: Japanese
Subtitle: Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

A big hit Touhou Project's fan game released
in Chinese version!

A big hit RPG that won the "PlayStation Awards 2017 INDIES & DEVELOPER category" released as the complete edition of the Chinese version only!

The fan game "Genso Wanderer" with the theme of "Touhou Project (Production: Team Shanghai Alice)" is a "Dungeon Search RPG" whose dungeon structure and items change every time you play.

About 120 characters or more including characters of the original "Touhou Koumakyou" appeared! Exquisitely reproduce the personal abilities and features. A full voice adventure part will make the story excitement.

A huge number of elements that you want to play as many times as you want and an easy-to-understand system have gained a high reputation, so those who do not know the Touhou project and are first to play the dungeon search RPG can enjoy it.

A Big hit fan fiction of Touhou project
"Dungeon Search RPG" finally advances to Asia.

A fan game "Gensou Wanderer"  with the theme of  "Touhou Project" finally released in complete Chinese textbook! By controlling the popular characters of the Touhou Project including Reimu Hakurei, you can gather weapons and items while exploring the unknown dungeons and experience a magnificent story. The fun of "Dungeon Search RPG", a huge hit in Japan, where the dungeon structure and items change every time you play, has been condensed and received the "PlayStation Awards 2017 INDIES & DEVELOPER category" at the end of last year.

The only Asia Complete Edition in the world

In the long-awaited Traditional Chinese version, in addition to all the contents of the previous work "Touhou Genso Wanderer -THE TOWER OF DESIRE-", the new elements added by "-Reloaded-", a new story added as download content in the Japanese version, and all new characters! It is a very affordable content that all 4 years of stories can be enjoyed with this one.

Asian original limited edition including
special bonuses released!

Limited edition includes "special storage box" drawn by illustrator, over 100 pages illustration collection "perfect art book" (Chinese version), original "microfiber cleaner", sounds data containing more than 150 sounds and DVD-ROM "Mistic Gift Disc R" which contains two kinds of voice drama (Japanese audio).


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Deluxe Edition
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