Puyo Puyo eSports

Genre: Puzzle Publisher: SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
Release Date:

[Digital ver.] 2018/10/25

[Disc ver.] 2019/6/27

Developer: SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
Age Range: All ages Voice: Japanese
Subtitle: Traditional Chinese, Korean

Become the champion!

Puyo Puyo returns in an all-new eSports-enabled package!Competitive multiplayer modes feature fan favorite rulesets from Puyo Puyo 2 and Puyo Puyo Fever.Features 24 favorite characters from over 25 years of Puyo Puyo history!Hop online to battle in Puyo Puyo League matches or play casually via Free Play. All this and more for an unbelievable price!

Includes rulesets from both Puyo Puyo 2 and Puyo Puyo Fever!

Features both the classic and popular Puyo Puyo 2 and highly competitive Puyo Puyo rulesets.Supports up to 4-player competitive online multiplayer.

Use a wide variety of characters to craft strategic chains and drop devastating attacks!

24 characters to choose from! Which one best suits your style?Craft strategic chains and drop devastating attacks with your favorite characters from over 25 years of Puyo Puyo history.

Fun for everyone, from beginners to experts!

Run your own local tournaments with up to 8 players for the ultimate bragging rights!A comprehensive range of settings and options makes the game both accessible for those new to the game, and more customizable for experienced players.


Disc ver.
Digital ver.
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