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PSN Weekly Update June 13th

Universes collide once again : Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Pre-order


PlayStation®4 fighting game “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” will be available on 19 Sep and is available for pre-order on PlayStation™Store now! (Standard Edition: HK$398 , Deluxe Edition: HK$638)

Imagined and created through a shared vision between the two companies, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will feature a variety of exciting and accessible single player modes and rich multi-player content for new players and longtime fans alike. In addition to single player Arcade, Training and Mission modes, a visually stunning and immersive cinematic Story Mode will put players at the center of both universes as they battle for survival against a sinister new threat. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is being built to highlight a combination of iconic locations and fan favorite characters from both universes, including Captain Marvel and Iron Man from the Marvel side, and Ryu and Mega Man X from Capcom.

All your favorite Hasbro games in one compilation! – Hasbro Family Fun Pack


6 great Hasbro games in 1 for countless hours of family fun! Hasbro Family Fun Pack is released for PlayStation®4 on 12 June. (Standard Edition: HK$168, Super Edition: HK$328)

Enjoy your favorite Hasbro games in this brand new all-in-one compilation! MONOPOLY Plus, TRIVIAL PURSUIT Live! RISK, RISK Urban Assault, Battleship and BOGGLE, you can now get it all in the Hasbro Family Fun Pack!

Countless hours of family fun are waiting for you! The games you know and love are more fun and interactive than ever on console. Plenty of surprises to discover, including social features like leader boards and rewards to party with people all around the world in online modes.

A twisted new journey into the depths of the human mind – Outlast 2


The sequel to the acclaimed survival horror game Outlast, Outlast 2 is released for PlayStation®4 on 15 June. (HK$194)

Outlast 2 introduces you to Sullivan Knoth and his followers, who left our wicked world behind to give birth to Temple Gate, a town, deep in the wilderness and hidden from civilization. Knoth and his flock are preparing for the tribulations of the end of times and you’re right in the thick of it.

You are Blake Langermann, a cameraman working with your wife, Lynn. The two of you are investigative journalists willing to take risks and dig deep to uncover the stories no one else will dare touch.

You're following a trail of clues that started with the seemingly impossible murder of a pregnant woman known only as Jane Doe.

The investigation has lead you miles into the Arizona desert, to a darkness so deep that no one could shed light upon it, and a corruption so profound that going mad may be the only sane thing to do.

Pre-order started for "Assassin's Creed Origins" !


PlayStation®4 action game “ASSASSIN’S CREED® ORIGINS”,will be available on 27 Oct and is available for pre-order on PlayStation™Store now! (Digital Deluxe Edition: HK$490, Digital Gold Edition: HK$640)


Ancient Egypt, a land of majesty and intrigue, is disappearing in a ruthless fight for power. Unveil dark secrets and forgotten myths as you go back to the one founding moment: The Origins of the Assassin’s Brotherhood.

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