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PSN Weekly Update July 4th

Experience the new-generation team battle with “GUNDAM VERSUS”


Latest installment of the “GUNDAM VS” series, PlayStation®4 action game “GUNDAM VERSUS” will be available on 6 Jul! (HK$509)

“GUNDAM VERSUS” is the 15th anniversary title of the “GUNDAM VS” series and is continued to be developed by the VSTG Project of BANDAI NAMCO Studios. Being the 5th generation of the series, it is the very first title in “GUNDAM VS” series to land the PS4™ platform. In “GUNDAM VERSUS”, over 90 mobile suits from the “GUNDAM” animation series are controllable. Apart from the VS series traditional 2-on-2 team battle action, “GUNDAM VERSUS” now offers 3-on-3 team battle, CPU boss vs 5 players etc, up to maximum of 6 players for online multiplayer. It is sure that fans of the series will unravel new fun elements which they never seen before!

A Massive “Urban Myth” Action RPG - “Tokyo Xanadu”


PlayStation®Vita action RPG “Tokyo Xanadu” (English Ver.) is released on 3 Jul! (HK$310)

“Tokyo Xanadu” is a massive action RPG with a taste of urban myth. Kou Tokisaka, a high school student living in “Morimiya City” of the Tokyo suburb area, encounters the nightmare realm known as the “Eclipse” one day when he is on his way home. His world is forever changed after the encounter and he must transform his soul into a powerful weapon to protect the Morimiya City. Players will play as Kou, explore and conquer dungeons, and finally discover the truth behind.

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