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True Power Knows No Limits! - DRAGON BALL FighterZ

「DRAGONBALL FIGHTERZ」 is born from what makes the DRAGON BALL series so loved and famous: endless spectacular fights with its all-powerful fighters. (Standard Edition HK$479 , Z Edition HK$719 , Ultimate Edition HK$839)

Partnering with Arc System Works, DRAGON BALL FighterZ maximizes high end Anime graphics and brings easy to learn but difficult to master fighting gameplay. And on top of many different online features, experience a never-seen-before scenario in the Story Mode!

From now until 1 Mar 2018, purchase DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ and receive the following early purchase bonus! Early purchase bonus includes: DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ - Stamps: Girls Pack & DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ - Theme

The latest installment of the Neptune series is coming to the PlayStation®VR system! MEGADIMENSION NEPTUNE VIIR (Traditional Chinese Ver.)

MEGADIMENSION NEPTUNE VIIR (Traditional Chinese Version) is now available on PlayStation®4 ! (HK$418)

In Zero Dimension, 「Uzume Tennouboshi」 who was the last remaining CPU of this world was desperately waging a lonely battle against a colossal evil known as the 「Dark CPU」. Her grievous thoughts call Neptune, the CPU of Planeptune in Hyperdimension, to Zero Dimension, and with this meeting as the start, Uzume made various friends during the battle. And of course the player, 「you」, were one of them.

Purchase MEGADIMENSION NEPTUNE VIIR on or before Feb 12th and receive special bonus of 4 Goddesses Online : Premium weapon set, don’t miss the chance !

When medieval fantasy meets dodgeball! - Strikers Edge

PlayStation®4 Strikers Edge is a medieval dodgeball with weapons, ancient warriors and special powers. On January 31 enter the battle dome and fight online or locally as one of 8 unique strikers across 4 different arenas. Achieve greatness in 2v2 with a friend or become the top striker in 1v1, ascend to the top of the ladder and become the best striker! (HK$311)

Use whatever means it takes to bring your foe down from your side of the rift, get your accuracy on point, anticipate your enemies’ trajectories and get the psychological upper hand to annihilate the opposition! Each striker has its own set of abilities, weapon, stats and playstyles. Which one will you choose and master?


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