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Ways to Enjoy MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD Multiplayer Even More!!

*This article is translated from the Japanese PlayStation.Blog article released on February 23, 2018.
*Screenshot taken from the Japanese version of the game screen.

Listen and learn, my friend! Here are some MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD multiplayer techniques and etiquettes that you should know!


A maximum of 4 players can team up and fight against monsters in the MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD online multiplayer mode. Like the previous article, this one will also mainly cover the game’s multiplayer function. Dengeki PlayStation will explain some tips about useful items that can power you up and ways to improve team performance when playing the multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer Tip 1: Communicate with party members!

Multiplayer is about several players striving to complete one quest. However, it is rare that all players have the same goal. There will be cases when a player wants to obtain materials from Rathalos while others want materials from Barroth. If the same members are going on quests for multiple times, it would be a good idea to talk about in which order the quests should be accepted.   


Communication during a quest will be important as well. The hunt will be smoother if participating members have talked about what to do during the hunt, whether it is about starting the hunt right away after a monster is discovered, or luring it to a particular area. It will also be a good idea to talk about which monster should be taken down first when there are more than 2 large monsters being set as the targets.

However, it will be your disadvantage if you use text chat during hunts for large monsters. It will be better to use shortcuts that are set beforehand if you want to talk during the hunt.

In cases when you are riding on monsters or when you are unable to move due to abnormal status like paralysis, you can automatically display chat messages in the chat window (it can be set to ON/OFF). You can customize your message shortcuts at the menu screen.

Multiplayer Tip 2: There are more advantages when trapping monsters compared to the single player mode!

Items such as Shock Trap and Flash Pod are a must when trying to restrict monsters in order to ensure a smooth hunt. These items will become more effective during the multiplayer mode compared to the single player mode.


For example if a monster has fallen into and is trapped in a hole during multiplayer, 4 players could deal 4 times the damage compared to single player because of different weapon types! You can also bring 4 times the amount of traps if there are 4 hunters. You can resupply items at the camp base during quests, and this feature can be useful since you will be able to use traps repeatedly.

Weapons with the paralysis element can be effective during the multiplayer mode too. Although weapons with the paralysis element have weaker attack power compare to other weapons, its weakness can become trivial considering that it can increase attack opportunities for your allies in the multiplayer mode.

Although some monsters are immune to paralysis, it can be a good idea to prepare weapons with paralysis element for the multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer Tip 3: There are weapons and items that can work to your advantage during the multiplayer mode!

Different from weapons that have paralysis element, another weapon that can become a merit in the multiplayer mode is the Hunting Horn. Except in some cases, playing the Hunting Horn will bestow your allies positive status effects. A characteristic that is unique to the Hunting Horn is that it can increase recovery speed for your allies. In other words, it is an ideal weapon type for helping and working with your allies during multiplayer hunts.

Besides playing the Hunting Horn there are other ways to support your allies. Items with the name “〇〇 Powder” also have the ability to affect your allies similar to the melodies of the Hunting Horn. The “Lifepowder” which has a recovery effect and the “Demon Powder” which enhances attack power for your allies temporarily are particularly popular for the multiplayer mode. 


The Wide-Range skill can also work on your surrounding allies when Potions are used (the affected range and effectiveness will differ depending on the skill level). The quest will be considered as a failure if all members faint for a certain number of times (this will be different depending on the quest), so such items can contribute greatly for supporting your allies during hunts with more difficulties.

Working in a slightly different way but also affecting your allies are special equipment with the name “〇〇 Booster” like the “Health Booster.” Smokes will appear temporarily within a certain range after these kinds of Boosters are used, and players will become affected after touching the smoke. In other words it can support allies who are attacking at the front line if it is placed near the monster. If it is placed far away from the monster then it can support allies that are trying to escape during a tough situation. It is recommended that you place it in different locations depending on how you are going to support your allies.

Multiplayer Tip 4: Try not to get your allies involved during attacks!

Up until now we only talked about some of the merits when playing the multiplayer mode. However, there are some aspects that you need to pay attention to as well. If a hunter gets hit by another hunter, no damage will be dealt but the hunter might get knocked or sent flying back.


If an ally gets knocked back, dodging the incoming attack might become impossible. You might also lose a chance for 1 player to attack after getting blown away if the monster is knocked down.

Some weapons will not knock allies back during specific actions, but it is better not to hit your allies during the multiplayer mode. It is also not a good idea to hit your allies while they are gathering or carving* during hunts.  

(Additional Notes: *There are some changes for the carving feature from the PS4™ title update Ver. 2.00 released on March 22, 2018. Please check the link below for more details. http://www.monsterhunterworld.com/us/topics/update/

If you get sent flying in the air after being hit by your allies, you can carry out a jump attack with the △ button. You can also try to ride on the backs of the monsters so it is better to remember some recovering methods in case of emergency. 


You might have some general ideas about the multiplayer mode by now. So the rest is about you having a great time during the hunt. It might also be a good idea to befriend those who went on a hunt with you, or join the same squad.   


A new monster is added from the free update* for this game. So please enjoy the multiplayer function and remember to follow the etiquettes.


*Free additional Monster: Deviljho (released on 3/22)

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