1st Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Beta
This Beta will only available for PS Plus Users and start from 6/21 18:00 HKT

Come and join the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Beta, experience for new hunting with new actions and monsters!

Beta’s Information

  • Only for PS Plus users
  • 1st Beta available period: 6/21 18:00 - 6/24 17:59 HKT

※There is no limitation of playing times during the Beta.
※The Beta available period and download schedule may change.
※For this Beta, players must join the PlayStation®Plus membership.
※The 2nd Beta will start form 6/28 (Fri) and will be for users who own a PlayStation®4 and have access to PlayStation™Network.

You have 3 Quests to choose

“The Wild Tigrex”

Target: Capture 1 Tigrex/ Field: Hoarfrost Reach / Time Limit: 20 mins

※Experts Quest
“The Big-horned Banbaro”

Target: Capture 1 Banbaro / Field: Hoarfrost Reach / Time Limit: 20 mins

※Intermediate Quest
“Great Devourer, Great Jagras”

Target: Capture 1 Great Jagras / Field: Ancient Forest / Time Limit: 20 mins

※Beginners Quest
Check out the trailer in preparation for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Beta!
“A tour with the Handler” is releasing now!

Pre-order Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Digital Version in PlayStation™Store now and you can play immediately on September 6, 2019 after your pre-order is finalized.
Limited Incentive Layered Armor Set: Yukumo also comes to you!

Please visit the official website for further information of Beta, other updates and product information.