Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong

PlayStation®5 Software “Destruction AllStars”
Digital Version will be available November 12, 2020,
Blu-ray Disc Version will be available November 19, 2020

Hong Kong, 9th Oct, 2020 -
Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (SIEH) announced today that PlayStation®5 (PS5™) software “Destruction AllStars” digital version will be released on November 12, 2020, Blu-ray disc version will be released on November 19, 2020. The suggested retail price of Blu-ray Disc Standard Edition will be HK$568, Digital Standard Edition will be HK$568 and Digital Deluxe Edition will be HK$648.

SIEH also revealed that Digital pre-orders for “Destruction AllStars” will be available soon. You’ll have the option to choose between the Digital Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition – both of which include the full game and bonus incentives for pre-order purchase.

Destruction AllStars Standard Edition (Blu-ray Disc):

The initial production of disk includes the following special item:

  • Digital Art Book*1
Destruction AllStars Standard Edition (Digital):

Pre-order and also receive the following at launch:

  • Digital Art Book
Destruction AllStars Digital Deluxe Edition (Digital):

Pre-order and also receive the following at launch:
  • Digital Art Book

Destruction AllStars Digital Deluxe Edition includes the following digital content:

  • 1 Legendary Character Skin and Vehicle Skin -
  • 1 Dance Emote for Lupita
  • 4 Banners and 5 Avatars
  • 10,000 AllStar Currency 

*1 Provided by voucher within package. Voucher expires 31/12/2021. Internet connection and an account for PlayStation™Network required to redeem voucher.


Pile on the destruction from behind the wheel or on-foot in the global phenomenon that is Destruction AllStars.

Stars and cars collide.

Dominate the glittering global phenomenon of Destruction AllStars – the spectacular prime-time sport for dangerous drivers!

Master the art of intense vehicle-based combat through timing, tactics and skills to cause colossal amounts of damage, destruction and devastation in vibrant arenas across the globe.

Pile-on the destruction from behind the wheel or leap into the arena with a breathtaking reel of parkour action by dodging attacks, taking over vehicles or using abilities to disrupt the onslaught of incoming vehicles.

Cause enough mayhem to power up your AllStars game-changing hero vehicle fuelled with special abilities.

A roster of 16 blockbuster Destruction AllStars are revved up and ready to compete in the name of entertainment and demolition. So, strap in for intense, explosive and unpredictable levels of free-flowing action and fight to be crowned the Global Destruction Federation Champion.

It’s time to run, ram and slam. See you in the arena.

PS5 features
  • Stunning visuals: Has total destruction ever looked this good? Experience the global phenomenon of vehicle-based combat in a crisp dynamic 4K resolution.*2

  • Fast loading: Mayhem waits for no one! Choose your AllStar and accelerate into the action with the near-instant lightning fast load times of the PS5 console's ultra-high speed SSD.

  • Adaptive triggers: Experience your ride! Get unique feedback for each vehicle thanks to the DualSense™ Wireless Controller’s adaptive triggers.

  • Haptic feedback: Wham! Experience the impact of rams and slams as the DualSense™ Wireless Controller’s dual actuators simulate the feel of your in-game actions through immersive sensory feedback.

  • Tempest 3D AudioTech: How the crunch of slamming into an opponent is meant to sound! Hear stunning 360-degree stadium atmospherics with Tempest 3D AudioTech.

*2 Dynamic 4K and HDR require a compatible 4K & HDR compatible TV or display.

Product Outline:



Destruction AllStars


PS5 system



Release Date

Digital : November 12, 2020

Blu-ray Disc : November 19, 2020


Destruction AllStars Standard Edition

  Digital: HK$568

  Blu-ray Disc: HK$568

Destruction AllStars Digital Deluxe Edition

  Digital: HK648




Voice : English

Subtitle : Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, English

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