Frequently Asked Questions

What's Silver?

Silver is a special in-game currency required to purchase Eververse items. It cannot be acquired via gameplay, and must be acquired from the PlayStation™Store in exchange for real-world money.

Purchased Silver is applied to your account, and is shared across all characters for that account. Note that Silver purchased in Destiny 2 can only be used in Destiny 2.  

What's Eververse?

Eververse is a special shop run by Tess Everis. Look for it in the Tower. Here you can decode Bright Engrams obtained in the game, as well as use Silver to buy new ones. A wide variety of other items with limited availability can also be purchased.
Eververse products (Bright Engrams) see a new lineup each season. Stop by often to peruse the inventory!

Though Eververse deals only in exclusive products, they are not required to progress through the game.
To examine the possible contents of a Bright Engram, hover over it and press the "Preview" button.

If decoded content from a Bright Engram can't be held in your inventory due to space limits, the content will be sent to the Postmaster for temporary storage. The Postmaster can hold up to 20 items at one time. Exceeding this threshold will result in the deletion of Postmaster inventory, starting with the oldest item, so be sure to collect your items on a regular basis.

Items decoded from Bright Engrams can also be dismantled to produce Glimmer and Legendary Shards. 

What's Bright Dust?

In addition to Eververse items bought with Silver, there are also items which can be purchased using "Bright Dust." These items are switched out on a weekly basis.

Bright Dust cannot be directly purchased. It must be earned by completing weekly vendor bounties and other additional bounties.

Bright Dust is also shared across all characters in an account.

What's Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is the sequel to Destiny, a first-person shooter which has received critical acclaim and won multiple awards the world over.

Continuing in the spirit of its predecessor, Destiny 2 features a stunning array of unique game types. Seek out powerful new gear; ally with other players on the spot; exercise teamwork to complete high-difficulty Strikes and quests; pit your skills against other Guardians in the Crucible... The list of content goes on and on!

The game world is constantly evolving in the form of update patches, which implement new content, game balance tweaks, and more. 

Can I play online?

Destiny 2 was exclusively made for online play. An internet connection is required to play the game.

New patches will be rolled out bringing additional content, game balance adjustments, and other improvements.
These updates are downloaded when you play, guaranteeing you are always experiencing the latest version of the game. 

Do I need to be a PlayStation®Plus member?

Online multiplayer on the PlayStation®4 requires a subscription to PlayStation®Plus.
While it is not needed for solo play in Destiny 2's story mode, teaming up with other players, matching, and other such content will require a PlayStation®Plus subscription.

How does save data work?

Destiny 2 utilizes autosaving. This feature will activate automatically in areas such as scene transitions, saving your current progress.

As save data is uploaded to the Destiny 2 game servers, deleting or reinstalling the game on your PlayStation®4 system will allow you to still pick up where you left off, provided that you sign in to the same PlayStation™Network account.

Can I create new characters or delete existing ones?

You can create up to three Destiny 2 characters. This can be done by choosing "Create New Guardian" at the character select screen.

Aspects such as class, race, gender, and appearance are editable at this point. Note that they cannot be changed once you start the game, however.
Aspects such as race and gender have zero bearing on character stats, so take your time to craft your ideal Guardian.

Destiny 2 Guide: Decisions, Decisions... Choosing Class and Race

You can delete unneeded characters if you have created multiple Guardians. Select the character you wish to delete, then hold down the □ button to complete the process.
Be advised—once a character is deleted, he/she cannot be recovered. Furthermore, any inventory not stored in the Vault will disappear along with the character. Take care when deleting characters.
*Items in the Vault are shared across all characters, allowing an item deposited by one character to be retrieved by another. 

Are there any in-game communication features such as chat?

Destiny 2 supports in-game voice chat. Communicating with other players is as simple as connecting your headset (comes with your PlayStation®4 system) to your controller, or using the PlayStation®Camera. To enable voice chat, enter the "Sound" tab via the in-game settings menu.
*The game does not support text chat.

The PlayStation®4's Party feature can also be used for voice chat in the game. 

Can I change the game settings, such as button layout and UI displays?

Yes. These and other settings can be edited via Destiny 2's in-game settings menu. 

Are there any accessibility settings?

Yes. Open the in-game settings menu and enter "Accessibility" to choose from a list of available modes. 

Does the game support the "Share" feature?

Destiny 2 does indeed support the PlayStation®4 Share feature.
This allows for sharing video clips, screenshots, live gameplay broadcasts, using Share Play, and more.

Does the game support PS4 Remote Play?

Yes. Destiny 2 supports Remote Play via the PlayStation®Vita.

What's a product code?

A product code is a 12-character alphanumeric sequence required to download certain items from PlayStation™Store.

For those who purchased Destiny 2 as a Blu-ray Disc™, note the disc contains the game in its basic form only. The downloading of extras such as bonus items and other content requires you to enter a product code—which you will find enclosed separately.

*Product codes can only be used once. Furthermore, as codes cannot be reissued, only use them with the account you are using to play the game.
*Some product codes are only valid until a specific date. Once this date has passed, the code will no longer be usable.

Is there a demo version of the game?

Destiny 2's core content is free to play as of October 2, 2019.

What's Power used for?

Power is a numerical value representing your character's total attack and defense capability for all currently equipped gear.
The damage you deal, as well as incur, is determined by this figure. 750 is the base level. The higher you raise it, the more damage you will be able to dish out and absorb.

Some activities come with a recommended power level. Among these are activities that cannot even be attempted unless your gear meets the minimum required level.

What are elemental types?

Energy and Power Weapons are based on three elements: Solar, Arc, and Void.
Certain enemies will be fitted with shields; attack with the right element to destroy these shields and cause them to explode, damaging other hostiles in the vicinity.
You can tell what element a shield corresponds to by the color that appears when attacking it.

Furthermore, as each Guardian subclass is also keyed to an element, expect offensive skills such as Supers, Melee abilities, and grenades to deal damage based on the relevant element.

What's a Vanguard?

The Vanguard consists of elite Guardians tasked with defending the City. Coordinated by three central figures, Commander Zavala (the Titan Vanguard), Cayde-6 (the Hunter Vanguard), and Ikora Rey (the Warlock Vanguard)—the Vanguard supports Guardians in their activities throughout the solar system.

It is possible to occasionally acquire engrams from vendors as rewards by performing special tasks, which will then decode into class-specific weapons and armor.

What are factions?

The Destiny 2 universe is home to a vast multitude of groups and organizations, which fall under the umbrella term "factions."

The Vanguard is one faction that happens to reside in the Tower, a structure shared by three other major factions. They are "Dead Orbit," led by Arach Jalaal; "Future War Cult," led by Lakshmi-2; and "New Monarchy," led by Executor Hideo.

Currently, Guardians can only align themselves with these factions at Faction Rally events. These events see players amassing Faction Tokens through a number of different means, raising reputation. Raising your reputation with a faction will reward you with engrams—from which faction-specific weapons and armor can be decoded.

Faction Rallies are announced via Bungie.net. For more information regarding Faction Rallies, check out the official Bungie.net Faction Rally help article.

What's reputation used for?

As Guardians work their way through the story, they will find themselves cooperating with a diverse range of factions and NPCs.
Delivering the particular resource a faction or NPC requires raises reputation, culminating in an engram reward. These engrams can be decoded into exclusive weapons and armor you don't want to miss out on.

What's Story Mode?

Story Mode is the starting point of your Destiny 2 adventure, from which an epic narrative unfolds.
Note that some missions require you to be at a certain level before attempting them.

Access to many of Destiny 2's features requires the story to be completed first. Some activities and events also require you to be Level 20 in addition to completing the story.
When starting out in the game, it is therefore recommended you make completing the story your first priority.

When working on a mission, you can check your current progress by pressing the touch pad button. Use this feature when you find yourself unsure about your next move.
Be advised that when in the middle of a mission, it will not be possible to participate in other activities. If you want to shift focus to something else, you will have to abandon your current mission first.

What are activities?

As you advance through the story, you will gain access to destinations hosting a variety of activities. Some of these activities require you to complete the campaign first. Others, however, only come with a minimum power level.

What do activity resets do?

Activities are configured with reset times. Some reset every day, allowing you to reap daily rewards, while others may require a week for resets and updates to be applied each Wednesday.

What's a Fireteam?

Fireteams are Guardian squads which allow players to band together for the purpose of attempting activities and challenges. The team size can range from 2 to 12 Guardians. When in a Fireteam, it is possible to move from destination to destination as a unit.
Some activities can only be attempted with a Fireteam. If you are over the Fireteam size limit for a particular activity, you will not be able to join it.

Manage your Fireteam by going into the Director screen and pressing the R1 button to display the "Roster" menu.
This menu allows you to send invitations to friends and clan members, which, if accepted, will create your Fireteam.
When in the Tower or at a destination, Fireteam invitations can be sent by standing next to a Guardian and pressing the R3 button. You can also press the OPTIONS button to interact, and invite from there as well.

The Roster menu also allows for adjusting Fireteam privacy. The default setting limits members to friends and clanmates. If a player is either your friend or part of the same clan as you, he/she is free to join your Fireteam without receiving a direct invitation.

If you want to leave a Fireteam, simply enter either Nav Mode or the Orbit screen, then press and hold down the X button in accordance with the button prompt in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

What's the Postmaster?

The Postmaster can be found in the Tower, and is where you can receive various bonus items, as well as presents from Bungie.

The Postmaster also serves as a temporary storage location for weapons, armor, and other items picked up when your Guardian's inventory is full.

Up to 20 items can be sent to the Postmaster. Exceeding this limit will delete your oldest Postmaster items one by one in order to create new space.
Since this process also applies to items decoded from Bright Engrams, you'll want to make sure your Postmaster inventory always has ample room.
Items removed from your Postmaster inventory due to space restrictions cannot be recovered.

What's "Bungie.net"?

Bungie.net is a US-based community site, operated by Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2.

Some content comes with international support. Select your desired language via the Langugage button in the top-right to gain convenient access to a localized storehouse of Destiny-related info.

By linking your PlayStation™Network account, you will be able to view info pertaining to your in-game characters and more via the Bungie.net website.

Bungie.net registration is free.

What's the Destiny 2 Companion App?

The Companion App is the official Destiny smartphone app released by Bungie, which also supports Destiny 2.

It comes with an abundance of social features, allowing you to interact with friends in the Destiny 2 community via forums, groups, and messages. It's the perfect tool for recruiting Guardians to play with, as well as staying up-to-date with the latest Bungie.net news.

I got an "error code" displayed.

An error code is a string used to identify in-game issues.

The Help section of Bungie.net contains explanations for such issues, organized by error code.
To get the help you need, try entering the error code (or key phrases from the error message) into the search box of the "Articles" Help page.

Where can I inquire for help?

Support for Destiny 2 is provided by Bungie in English.
Direct feedback from the Bungie team is given via the Bungie.net help forums.