Destiny 2 Seasons is the all-new content drop system coming this fall, which transforms Destiny into an ever-evolving universe. Join up to six friends with your own personalized Guardian and devastate your enemies by unleashing incredible super abilities. Grow more powerful by hunting and collecting a handcrafted arsenal of Legendary and Exotic Weapons, armor, and gear to customize your playstyle across a changing landscape.

Destiny 2 features three unique classes, each built around a specific playstyle. Obliterate your enemies in close quarter combat and defend your allies with the indomitable Titan. Outmaneuver, flank, and quickly take down your enemies as the agile Hunter. Summon powerful elemental energies to heal allies and banish your foes as the Warlock.


  • CAMPAIGN: Explore the solar system as you defeat the enemies of humanity across while discovering Destiny’s rich lore.
  • STRIKES: Assemble a fireteam of up to two other Guardians or jump into Matchmaking as you take on high risk missions to route the enemies of humanity.
  • CRUCIBLE: Prove your skill within the revamped Crucible. An up to 6v6 competitive mode where Guardians face off against one another across different game modes.
  • GAMBIT: Fight. Collect. Bank. Invade. Face off against waves of enemies in the hybrid 4v4 mode that combines the best of Destiny’s PvE and PvP.
  • RAIDS: Gather five other Guardians to tackle Destiny 2’s penultimate experience. Take on Destiny’s most challenging content, where teamwork is not only paramount, but also the very key to survival. Defeat the deadliest foes of humanity to earn powerful rewards.  


  • SEASONS OF DESTINY: Seasons are extensions of the Destiny endgame. This fall, they will become limited-time events in a single evolving world. Throughout a Season, players can tackle new challenges and discover new lore. When a Season ends, those pursuits and activities are replaced with new rewards and themes.
  • SEASON PASS: Every player of Destiny 2 will earn new rewards as they rank up and experience special events in the game. Crucible and Vanguard activities will award Pursuit Weapons to people who maximize their potential. Players who acquire the Season Pass gain an additional level of challenge and reward, earning new gear to add to their Collection. Best of all, a Season Pass can be acquired on its own, with no base-game requirements.
  • ARTIFACT: Every season has its own artifact. Unlock special perks to make your Guardian more powerful and change the way you fight. When a Season ends, its artifact passes into legend as you start to explore a completely new set of unlocks