Destiny 2 Guide: Not Sure Where to Go? Ask Your Ghost!

Guardian and Ghost: An Inseparable Team

Ghosts exist to support Guardians on their adventures. Trustworthy and true, you can always count on yours to point you in the right direction. They're an integral game component. You won't get ahead without one!
This section will focus on Ghosts and Nav Mode.

Ghost: Your Trusty Partner

With the last of its power, the Traveler created Ghosts to seek out those who can wield its Light as a weapon. As such, Ghosts bring Guardians back to life to protect us and do what the Traveler itself no longer can.
Built from machinery and the Traveler's Light, Ghosts guide their Guardian companions in the quest to reclaim our solar system.
Every Ghost seeks out its Guardian from among the ancient dead. Ghosts serve as scout, librarian, and mechanic, waking ancient machinery and cracking alien codes. In the right situations, a Ghost can even save its Guardian from death.
But Ghosts are not immortal. As far as Guardians know, every loss is irreplaceable.

Nav Mode

Have you ever found yourself at a loss mid-mission, unsure of what to do or where to go? In such situations, simply press the touch pad button on your wireless controller to shift your Ghost into Nav Mode and illuminate the way forward.

While in Nav Mode, the screen will display a range of useful information,
such as your current mission, objective, and location. The diamond-shaped marker is your waypoint. Follow it to advance your adventure!
*In the image, we see the mission name is "Homecoming," the objective is "Defend your home," and the current location is "The Tower."

This is the Nav Mode waypoint.

While in Nav Mode, your Guardian's movements will be slowed. If you find yourself surrounded by hostiles, hit the touch pad button to resume normal gameplay.
Pressing and holding the triangle button in Nav Mode will allow you to return to orbit mid-mission. Note that doing so will require you to either abandon the mission or restart from a checkpoint.

Ghost Shells

In addition to a diverse range of weapons and armor, you will come across Ghost-specific items called "shells" throughout the course of your adventure. These imbue your mechanical partner with a variety of additional attributes. Whenever you find one, don't hesitate to try it out! To switch shells, first press the OPTIONS button on the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller. This will bring up the character screen. From there, select the bottom-left item: "Ghost."

After highlighting a shell, press the △ button to display its perk info.

Here, we see that equipping the "Regality Sphere Shell" will enhance your chest-finding abilities while on Mercury. The universe features an incredible wealth of shell types. Will your shell of choice be decided by perks or aesthetics? The sky's the limit!

That about does it for Ghosts. Much about these floating companions is still a mystery... Still, they're a Guardian's best friend— and a central factor in leading a fulfilling Guardian life!

*Screenshots shown are from the Japanese version. The game is playable in English.