Destiny 2 Guide: Welcome Allies, New and Old

Enjoying All Destiny 2 Has to Offer

As of October 2, 2019, Destiny 2's core content is free-to-play.
This special day also coincided with the release of the latest expansion, "Shadowkeep"!
That's why we'd like to issue a very warm welcome to all Guardians—both new ones starting out for the first time, as well as veterans resuming their adventure. We've penned a handy guide so no Guardian goes astray. We recommend giving it a look before playing!
And without further ado...

Greetings, Guardians. We've been waiting.

Welcome to the world of Destiny 2.


Playing the Story

The best way to learn all the deep and epic details of the Destiny 2 universe is to play through the story!
Accompanying the core content's shift to a free-to-play format is the inclusion of two hefty story arcs. In addition to the main "Red War" storyline, players will be able to enjoy both the "Curse of Osiris" and "Warmind" expansions for free. That's three stories in total! Let these breathtaking narratives be your guide as you learn about the allies and enemies inhabiting the Destiny 2 universe. 

Main Story: The Red War

In Destiny, the player Guardian confronted the evil Hive god known as Crota, defeating him to restore peace to the City.
But this peace was not destined to last, with the City coming under sudden attack. Led by Dominus Ghaul, the elite Cabal legion known as the Red Legion launched a full-scale assault on humanity's last citadel.
In order to preserve both the City and the Traveler, the very key to mankind's survival, Vanguard Commander Zavala, along with Ikora Rey and Cayde-6, struck back. Unfortunately, a plot by Ghaul to steal the Light succeeded. Stripped of their powers, the Guardians were forced to flee the City.
In order to take back the fallen City, you must travel the Solar System and rally the scattered Guardians, while acquiring new weapons and abilities. The time to rise is now.

Additional Story #1: "Curse of Osiris"

A Ghost by the name of Sagira was found on Mercury with its systems rendered inoperable. Sagira belonged to Osiris, the former Vanguard commander reputed as the greatest Warlock in Guardian history. In spite of this praise, however, Osiris's obsession with the Vex culminated in his banishment from the City.
Meanwhile, Vex activity on Mercury soared. Sagira turning up during such a volatile time was no coincidence. Vanguard Commander Ikora Rey knew this, and was thus moved to call on you in secret. Your mission: to investigate Mercury.
The Infinite Forest—a virtual simulation of the universe the Vex are using to bring their plans into reality. The Forest becomes the setting for a fierce clash between the Guardians and their Vex nemesis...

Additional Story #2: "Warmind"

Warsats launched during the Golden Age began crashing down on Mars. After arriving on the scene, you encountered Ana Bray, who had been surveying Mars as well. You learned the most powerful weapon of the Golden Age, an AI known as Rasputin, has something to do with this spate of disturbances. The two of you pressed on, setting a course for Clovis Bray, a Golden Age science corporation focused on delivering humanity further into the future. But the path forward becomes obstructed by an ancient Hive army, sealed away in a glacial prison by Rasputin ages ago.
What truths lie behind the falling warsats and the once-dormant Hive forces? And what is Rasputin's true purpose? So begins a quest that would rock Mars to its very core...

How to Begin the Story

After the initial cutscene and tutorial conclude, you will return to Guardian headquarters—the City. Each story is accessible by visiting the shipwright, Amanda Holliday, located in the hanger. Be sure to pay her a visit. And if you're in the shopping mood, hit the touch pad button to bring up the City map. It will display the position of every available vendor.

By now, you're probably eager to set out on your own. However, we recommend a proper briefing beforehand to avoid getting lost. Check out the tips below, which are sure to aid you in your quest!

I've Finished the Story. What's Next?

Thanks to you, peace reigns supreme in the City. Humanity is safe once more. ...But that doesn't mean the game's over.
On the contrary, the real fun is just beginning! Yes, the Destiny 2 game world is rich in content waiting to be explored.
There are a number of paths you can take at this point, depending on what you want to do.

I Want More Stories!

Currently, Destiny 2 features five story campaigns.
- The Red War
- Curse of Osiris
- Warmind
- Forsaken
- Shadowkeep
The "Forsaken" expansion sees a clash with a new enemy known as the Scorn, an offshoot of one of the game's races, now evolved into something completely different. Many a profound change awaits—bidding farewell to a precious ally being just one of them. The world as you know it will be torn asunder, Guardian. As for the latest expansion, "Shadowkeep," a blistering clash between the Guardians and the Hive unfolds on the latter's base on the Moon.
Those interested in continuing the epic Destiny 2 narrative need look no further than the "Forsaken" and "Shadowkeep" expansions!
*The destinations featured in the above stories can also be accessed in the main Destiny 2 game.

I Want to Play with Other Guardians!

Cooperative and competitive play with multiple Guardians affords you endless opportunities to meet other players, showcasing a different type of fun to the solo story mode.

- Strikes
- Nightfall
- The Crucible
- Gambit
- Gambit Prime
- The Reckoning
- Raids
The above represents a mere slice of the vast multiplayer modes available. Don't be shy—choose an activity that strikes your fancy!
While most activities feature automatic matchmaking, some do not, requiring you to enlist players on your own. Use the Companion App and Bungie.net community features to make things easier.

A Must-Read for Returning Guardians! Destiny 2 through the Years

Destiny 2 is currently in its third year, and what a thrilling ride it's been! We're sure both new and returning Guardians are dying to know what they've missed. Well, not to worry. We've compiled a year-by-year guide of major events spanning the past two years! It's even got info about weapons and activities added in along the way. Give it a read in between play sessions. 

Destiny 2 through the Years
Season 8 - Season of the Undying
Date Topic Quest Rewards, etc.
10/2/2019 "Season of the Undying" begins.  
Update patch released.  
Nightfall "The Ordeal" added.  
Season 7 - Season of Opulence
Date Topic Quest Rewards, etc.
8/22/2019 Cross Save started.  
7/31/2019 Update patch 2.5.2 released.  
"Solstice of Heroes" event begins (ended 8/28). Completion reward: Solstice of Heroes Armor
7/24/2019 Iron Banner begins.  
7/10/2019 Update patch released.  
Quest "Invitation from the Emperor" begins. Quest reward: Bad Juju
7/3/2019 Quest "A Fateful Gift" begins. Quest reward: Lumina
6/26/2019 The Menagerie (Heroic) begins. Multiple weapons added.
6/19/2019 Iron Banner begins.  
6/12/2019 Quest "A Scrap of Paper" begins. Quest reward: Truth
6/5/2019 Season of Opulence (Penumbra)  
Update patch released.  
Season 7 Pinnacle weapons added. Rewards: Revoker, Hush, Wendigo GL3
Raid "Crown of Sorrow" unlocked.  
New activity "The Menagerie" unlocked. New weapons, armor, and lore added.
Season 6 - Season of the Drifter
Date Topic Quest Rewards, etc.
5/15/2019 Iron Banner begins.  
5/8/2019 Mission "Zero Hour" added. Quest reward: Outbreak Perfected
Update patch 2.2.2 released.  
4/24/2019 Iron Banner begins.  
4/17/2019 "Revelry" event begins (ended 5/8). Quest reward: Arbalest (This is now a random drop.)
4/10/2019 Update patch 2.2.1 released.  
"Arc Week" event begins (ended 4/17).  
Quest "The Lost Cryptarch" re-released. Quest reward: Thunderlord (This is now a random drop.)
3/27/2019 Iron Banner begins (ended 4/3).  
3/16/2019 Quest "Invitation of the Nine" begins. Powerful gear, lore added.
3/13/2019 Quest "Independent Study" begins. Quest reward: Thorn
Allegiance quest begins. Quest reward: Loyalty Package
3/6/2019 Update patch 2.2.0 released.  
"Season of the Drifter (Jokers Wild)" begins.  
New activities "Gambit Prime" / "The Reckoning" unlocked. New weapons, armor, and lore added.
Season 6 Pinnacle weapons added. Rewards: The Recluse, Oxygen SR3, 21% Delirium
Season 5 - Season of the Forge
Date Topic Quest Rewards, etc.
2/20/2019 Iron Banner begins.  
2/13/2019 "Crimson Days" event begins (ended 2/20).  
1/30/2019 Quest "The Draw" begins. Quest reward: The Last Word
Update patch 2.1.4 released.  
1/16/2019 Iron Banner begins.  
1/9/2019 Niobe Labs/Bergusia Forge unlocked.  
12/26/2018 Iron Banner begins.  
12/19/2018 Update patch 2.1.3 released.  
Izanami Forge unlocked.  
12/12/2018 "The Dawning" event begins (ended 1/2/2019).  
Update patch 2.1.2 released.  
12/8/2018 Raid "Scourge of the Past" unlocked.  
Gofannon Forge unlocked.  
12/5/2018 Volundr Forge unlocked.  
Update patch released.  
11/28/2018 Update patch 2.1.0 released.  
Season of the Forge (Black Armory) begins.  
Season 5 Pinnacle weapons added. Rewards: The Mountaintop, Loaded Question, Breakneck
Season 4 (Forsaken)
Date Topic Quest Rewards, etc.
10/31/2018 Quest "The Murder of Master Ives" begins. Quest reward: Thunderlord (This is now a random drop.)
Update patch 2.0.5 released.  
10/17/2018 Iron Banner begins.  
"Festival of the Lost" event begins (ended 11/7). Completion reward: Horror Story
Update patch 2.0.4 released.  
9/19/2018 Iron Banner begins.  
9/15/2018 Raid "Last Wish" unlocked.  
9/5/2018 "Destiny 2: Forsaken" released.  
Update patch released.  
Season of the Outlaw (Forsaken) begins.  
Various weapon quests added. Rewards: Redrix's Broadsword, Luna's Howl, Not Forgotten, Malfeasance, The Chaperone
Season 3 (Warmind)
Date Topic Quest Rewards, etc.
8/30/2018 Destiny 2 available as a free game on PlayStation®Plus.  
8/29/2018 Update patch 2.0 released.  
8/1/2018 "Solstice of Heroes" event begins (ended 8/29). Completion reward: Solstice of Heroes Armor
7/18/2018 Update patch 1.2.3 released.  
7/11/2018 Iron Banner begins.  
6/27/2018 Faction Rallies begin.  
6/20/2018 Iron Banner begins.  
6/6/2018 Faction Rallies begin.  
5/30/2018 Update patch 1.2.1 released.  
5/23/2018 Iron Banner begins.  
5/12/2018 Raid lair "Spire of Stars" unlocked.  
5/9/2018 "Warmind" expansion released.  
Update patch 1.2.0 released.  
Various weapon quests added. Rewards: Redrix's Claymore (no longer obtainable), Polaris Lance, Sleeper Simulant, Worldline Zero, Whisper of the Worm
Season 2 (Curse of Osiris)
Date Topic Quest Rewards, etc.
5/2/2018 Iron Banner begins.  
4/18/2018 Iron Banner begins.  
3/28/2018 Update patch 1.1.4 released.  
3/21/2018 Faction Rallies begin.  
2/28/2018 Update patch 1.1.3 released.  
2/21/2018 Faction Rallies begin.  
2/14/2018 "Fire of the Crimson Days" event begins.  
1/31/2018 Iron Banner begins.  
Update patch 1.1.2 released.  
1/17/2017 Faction Rallies begin.  
12/20/2017 "The Dawning" event begins (ended 1/10/18)  
12/14/2017 In-game currency Silver implemented.  
12/13/2017 Update patch released.  
12/9/2017 Raid lair "Eater of Worlds" unlocked.  
12/6/2017 Update patch 1.1.0 released.  
"Curse of Osiris" expansion released.  
Season 1 (Destiny 2)
Date Topic Quest Rewards, etc.
11/21/2017 "Iron Banner: Clash" begins.  
11/7/2017 Faction Rallies begin.  
10/19/2017 Leviathan Raid (Prestige) unlocked.  
10/3/2017 Iron Banner debuted.  
9/26/2017 Faction Rallies debut.  
Update patch 1.0.3 released.  
9/16/2017 Trials of the Nine debuted.  
9/14/2017 Leviathan Raid unlocked.  
9/6/2017 Destiny 2 released.  

We hope this guide has helped you in your Guardian duties. This timeline will continue to be updated. Check back should you need to get up to speed again!