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A Mythological RPG that inherited the genealogy of El Shaddai
The Traditional Chinese Version of the PS4TM / PS Vita Software
The Lost Child will be released on 24 August, 2017!!


Hong Kong, 8th August, 2017 – Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (SIEH) announced today that the Traditional Chinese version of the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita software The Lost Child will be released on 24 August, 2017(Thursday). 


■Game Summery

The Lost Child is a game belonging to the “Mythological RPG” genre, and a part of the mythology series created by Sawaki Takeyasu (竹安佐和記) who is also the creator for El Shaddai. In other words, this is a new RPG game with a new mythical world that has inherited the genealogy from the previous title. There will be 3 different kinds of races in this game which are Angels, Demons, and Fallen Angels, and each race will take part in a war known as the “Demon Conflict” on earth. This conflict is the result from the struggle for the souls between the Angels and Demons. The Angels, Demons and Fallen Angels will get involved in this war each with their own intentions. 




Fallen Angel


“For the Great Old Ones.”


This is a mythological RPG that has inherited the genealogy of El Shaddai. It is a dark fantasy with the story taking place in the modern world about the main character, Hayato Ibuki who stands up against the “Demon Conflict” on earth between the Angels, Demons and Fallen Angels. Hayato is a writer for a supernatural magazine. During an incident while doing coverage, he received a divine device called the “Gangour” which is able to capture creatures known as the Astral Bodies (Angels, Demons, and Fallen Angels). He then starts to work together with Lua, an Angel sent from Heaven, in order to investigate about a series of mysterious incidents. So what is the truth behind this war that awaits Hayato?   


■Initial Premium

There will be 2 types of Mythological DLC provided as initial premiums for this title. The initial premiums will include the “Dark Enoch Demon Ver.” and the “Nephilim Sally Boy Ver.” Both are limited Astral Bodies that can be used in the main game to fight alongside the protagonist. Since this title is a sequel for El Shaddai, please look forward to more crossover characters in the story. 


Dark Enoch Demon Ver.

Nephilim Sally Boy Ver.


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[The Lost Child Product Information]

The Lost Child


PlayStation®4 / PlayStation®Vita


Mythological RPG

Release Date

24 August, 2017



PS4TM Version : HK$368

PS Vita Version:HK$368


Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.





 Initial Premiums


Mythological DLC

  • Dark Enoch Demon Ver.
  • Nephilim Sally Boy Ver.

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