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Release confirmed for the
All-in One Version of the PlayStation®4 Software
“Nioh Complete Edition”!


Hong Kong, 29th September, 2017 – Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (SIEH) announced today that the release for the “Nioh Complete Edition” which is an all-in one version for the popular PlayStation®4 dark warring states action RPG “NIOH” has been confirmed.


This complete edition will have the full game for “NIOH” that was released on 9th February, 2017 including the 3 paid add-on packs “Dragon of the North”, “Defiant Honor” and “Bloodshed’s End”. In the main quest for “NIOH” there will be new additional weapons such as Odachi and Tonfa, as well as additional new scenarios, characters and guardian spirits.


The digital version will be released on 7th November, 2017 and the physical package version will be released on 7th December, 2017. There will be more information announced about the price for the product later on.  


For those who have yet to experience the game, please take this great opportunity to enjoy the dark warring state action RPG “NIOH”.



■Nioh Complete Edition Product Information


Nioh Complete Edition






Dark Warring State Action RPG

Release Date

Digital Version: Scheduled for 7th November, 2017

Physical Version: Scheduled for 7th December, 2017




Digital Version

Nioh Weapons (5 exclusive equipment)

* Same bonus content as the “Nioh Deluxe Edition”




General Producer: Kou Shibusawa

Producer       :Hisashi Koinuma

Director        :Yosuke Hayashi / Fumihiko Yasuda

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