Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited

Experience the Major Leagues!
PS4 Software ‘MLB® The Show™18 (English Ver.)’
Pre-purchase the Limited Edition at PlayStation™Store and Gain Early Access on 23rd March


Hong Kong, 21st March, 2018 – Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (SIEH) announced today that the PlayStation®4 (PS4™) Software ‘MLB® The Show™18 (English Version)’ in Asia will be released on 28th March (Wed).


■ Game Overview

Experience the Major Leagues!

Show off you power with an awe inspiring home run, dynamic base capture, diving catch or arrow like fast ball made possible through immense athletic ability. You too can experience the power of your favourite plays in the magic of the major leagues in ‘MLB® The Show™18 (English Version)’. Feel like you are actually on the field from the excitement of playing in the major leagues and the realistic stadium atmosphere. Hold your own personal major leagues using the power of the PlayStation 4.


*This title has not been localized into Asian languages and all subtitles, audio and menus are in English only.


■ Pre-purchase the Limited Edition and Gain Early Access to the Game from 3pm  23rd March (Fri)!

A Limited Edition of the game will be released on the PlayStation™Store with ‘Early Access’ included from 23rd March (Fri) at 3pm. This ‘Early Access’ will allow you to play part of the game from 23rd March (Fri) at 3pm through to 27th March (Tue) as a special bonus.

■ A ‘Deluxe Edition’ with Exciting Content releases on 23rd March (Fri) simultaneously

Take the lead with the card packs included in the ‘Deluxe Edition’ releasing simultaneously for HK$698. The deluxe edition includes ‘full Game’, ‘Mission Starter for a Diamond Player’, ‘Mission Starter for a Gold Player’, ‘Digital Deluxe Lead Off Pack’, ‘11,000 Stubs’, ‘1 Sponsor Pack’, ‘1 Classic Stadium’, ‘20 Standard Packs’ and ‘30 MLB® The Show™ 18 PS4™ Themes’.