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Free Online Update Information
Everybody’s Golf for PS4®

Improvement of Online Systems and Release Date of New DLC Course

Hong Kong, 26th March, 2018 – We would like to inform you that Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia *1 (SIEJA), makers of the critically acclaimed PlayStation®4 (PS4®) title Everybody's Golf, have planned a free online update for March 26th, 2018. This update will improve the online Game Room system, making it easier and more fun to use, and introduces a new DLC course, the Pine Hills Golf Club.


This free update adds four new features to online Game Rooms, making them easier and more fun to use! In addition, game functions are being improved, including additions that make online communication more fun. The introduction of an additional DLC course brings the total number of major updates implemented to 10!

Soon there will be even more ways to enjoy golf your way in Everybody’s Golf!


■ Update Details: Game Room Improvements! ①─④

① Turf War Mode Added!

In addition to setting regulations such as the course and number of holes when creating a new room, players will be able to play Turf War with just the players in that room. For players who only want to play with their Friends, it will of course be possible to turn on the Friends Only restriction. Ordinary Turf War games, which use automatic matching, will still be playable after this update.


② Traditional Rules Added!

Traditional Rules, the popular competitive mode from past games, is coming to Everybody’s Golf! Traditional Rules will be added to the Game Room settings, allowing 2 – 20 players to enjoy a round of golf together, playing one hole at a time.


③ Elite Contest and Golf Level Restriction Added!

The Elite Contest setting follows the familiar International Tournament regulations where skill levels are fixed and gear is limited to Standard only. The Golf Level Restriction setting makes it possible for participants to play with others close in rank, enjoying a round with others of similar ability.


④ Quick Match Function Added!

This new feature will automatically place a player in a room with others of similar rank without having to look at the list of Game Rooms. It makes joining a Game Room even easier.


○ What is a Game Room?

A Game Room is a competitive online multiplayer mode for up to four players (increasing to 20 players with this update)! Many settings can be customized when creating a room, such as choosing what course to play, special conditions (weather, cup size, etc.), and setting a password requirement to join the room, making it possible to play with Friends!


○ What is Turf War?

Turf War is a competitive game mode where players are divided into two teams and compete for control of the course’s holes. Teammates will need to cooperate in order to capture more holes than their opponents. Participants play the holes in any order of their choosing within a time limit, earning points for their team based on their performance. The total scores for each hole are compared individually, and the team that scores the highest for a given hole captures it. In the end, the team that has captured the most holes wins.


*Use of Game Rooms and Turf War requires a PlayStation®Plus membership.

*PlayStation®Plus is a membership service that provides exclusive privileges to subscribers. Among other things, it allows members to enjoy competitive and cooperative online multiplayer with other players around the world.



■ Update Details: New Game Functions

⑤ New Copy Ranking Added!

A new ranking will be introduced to display the number of times original characters have been copied. With both an Overall Top 100 Ranking and a Monthly Top 100 Ranking, creating new characters will be more fun than ever before! Enjoy creating a variety of original characters as you aim to claim a spot in the rankings!


⑥ One-Shot Missions Added!

Professor Koenji, the golf-loving gentleman who can be found in the Home area, will randomly issue brief “missions” during a Challenge Tournament or Open Course play. Players will be rewarded for completing the Professor’s missions!


⑦ New Lobby Actions Added!

Fans of the Everybody’s Golf series will recognize the three new Lobby Actions added in this update: Fwee, Holla and Huff. Give them a try when you’re playing with your friends!


⑧ New Levels Added!

Two new levels will be added to the [Everybody's Golf Level], used to approximate a player’s skill. The top rank is currently “[Golf Level 15]”; with this update, “[Golf Level 16]” and “[Golf Level 17]” will be added above it. Play through the rounds as you aim for the top rank!


⑨ DLC Courses Will Appear in Challenge Mode!

Purchased DLC courses will now appear in Challenge mode, where players face off against in-game characters in a competition of skill. *Players who have not purchased the DLC will not encounter the DLC courses, but will otherwise be able to play normally.



■New DLC Course Pine Hills Golf Club Released!                           

⑩ New DLC Course “Pine Hills Golf Club” is Released!

The prestigious Pine Hills Golf Club has a long history, making it one of America’s most illustrious golf courses. This beautiful golf course is surrounded by a deep green pine grove, with vibrant flowers blooming around the cups. In contrast to its beauty, this course boasts uneven terrain with sharp disparities in elevation, as well as the longest yardage of any course to date.

To make it even more difficult, carefully placed bunkers, scattered ponds, and winding streams populate the course. This challenging course will prove difficult even to those with confidence in their drive distance.





●Release Date

March 29th, 2018


●How to Get It

※Purchase the DLC course from the PS Store and it will become available in-game.

※After installing the latest patch, start the application.

※In order to use this content, you must own a copy of the full game (sold separately).

※Customers who have purchased the Special Course Pack can download this course for free.