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PlayStation VR Software “FIREWALL ZERO HOUR”
Available on 28th August 2018 for both Download and Blu-ray Disc
“PlayStation VR Aim Controller <FIREWALL ZERO HOUR>
Bundle Pack” releases on the same date


Hong Kong, 29th Jun, 2018 - Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong (SIEH) announced today that “FIREWALL ZERO HOUR” (Chinese/English version) will be released on 28th August, 2018. The suggested retail price (SPR) is HK$308 for both Blu-ray disc and download version. “PlayStation VR Aim Controller <FIREWALL ZERO HOUR> Bundle Pack” will also be available on 28th August at a SRP of HK$638, which includes a PlayStation VR software “FIREWALL ZERO HOUR” and a “PS VR Aim Controller”.

The “PS VR Aim Controller” simulates the look and feel of a weapon in your hands right down to the virtual scope and built in haptic feedback.


“FIREWALL ZERO HOUR” is fully supported the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller.



You can enjoy 4 to 4 online FPS with PlayStation VR.


In ‘FIREWALL ZERO HOUR’, you become a mercenary soldier hired by an anonymous contractor, and go into the world of combat, fighting for a confidential data.

During the mission, players will be informed of what the objectives are and where the confidential data is located. Once you have accomplished the mission, you will receive your reward.


<Attack Objective>

Locate the “Firewall Access Point” and hack it to access the confidential data.


<Defense Objective>

Protect the “Firewall Access Point” from being hacked by the attacking side.


Use the latest equipment and team coordination to attack and defend. The winning team will gain experience points and in-game currency.


By using these experience points and in-game currency, you can unlock and purchase new mercenary characters, weapons and equipment.


*Internet connection required for all game modes.

Multiplayer modes require active PS Plus membership.


Product Outline

Product Name



First Person Shooter


PlayStation 4

Release Date

28th August 2018 (Tue)


Blu-ray Disc version/ Digital version – HK$308


1(Players online -8)



Language (Subtitles)

Traditional Chinese, English, Korean



Chinese, English, Korean



PlayStation VR Aim Controller <FIREWALL ZERO HOUR> Bundle Pack

Release Date

28th August 2018 (Tue)




  • PlayStation VR software “FIREWALL ZERO HOUR”
  • PS VR Aim Controller



PS VR Aim Controller


PlayStation 4

Release Date

Now on sale




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