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Enjoy the experience of going to the golf course easily!

PlayStation®4 (PlayStation®VR Required) Software Announcement of “Everybody’s Golf VR” Asia Release!


Hong Kong, 10th Sept., 2018 - Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong (SIEH) are pleased to announce the Asia release of the PlayStation®4 title “Everybody’s Golf VR”, a game where you can enjoy the VR golf experience easily at your own home with the PlayStation®VR(PS VR).

“Everybody’s Golf VR” is a VR golf game that anyone can easily pick up and enjoy which really feels like you have gone to the golf course while still being in the comfort of your own home. The title was developed in a collaboration between the “Everybody’s Golf” series developers Clap Hanz Limited and the Sony Interactive Entertainment Studio, JAPAN Studio.

Thanks to PlayStation®VR(PS VR), for the first time in the series you will be able to have a full 360 degree view of the game and experience the golf course naturally through judging the lay of the course and reading the direction of the wind.

There are things to enjoy for both beginners and expert golfers alike.

The title comes with PlayStation®Move (PS Move) support too. There is no doubt that you can deepen your immersion in the golf experience even more if you use the PS MOVE!


■ The Courses

A rich green course with beautiful cherry blossoms. Look forward to finding out information on other courses in the future.


■ The Caddy

This is your caddy Riko, a reliable companion who gives the player advice about the green and wind conditions etc.

Work with your caddy and try to beat the best score!

*The screenshots are still under development. These images may differ from the actual game.


■ PlayStation®4 (PlayStation®VR Required) Software “Everybody’s Golf VR” Summary

Product Name

Everybody's Golf VR


Sports (VR Golf)


PlayStation®4, PlayStation®4 Pro  *PlayStation®VR Required



Controller Support

DUALSHOCK®4 / PlayStation®Move

Release Date





Single Player


Awaiting Certification

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