Genre: Strategy RPG Publisher: SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
Release Date: 2018/8/9 Developer: Nippon ichi Software, Inc.
Age Range: All ages Voice: English, Japanese
Subtitle: Traditional Chinese

Even after 15 years you can not play all!
The best tactical RPG in history

DISGAEA is a one of the most famous series to develop by Nippon Ichi Software., and it is nonsensical and exhilarating tactical RPG series depicting the activities of the Overlords, Demons, and Angels in the Netherworld.

Overhauled and more appealing graphics!

Overhauled the graphics of original DISGAEA released in 2003 and optimized for PlayStation®4.

Character graphics are high-definition and consistent with the latest title "Disgaea 5".

Nonstandard combat and growth!
Endless completionist elements

It is the origin of the penetrating game systems and endless completionist elements that the series has become known for. 

Level up to 9,999, and the damage dealt by your attacks will also increase. 

Growth characters and strengthen weapons, the more you play, the more expansive the nature of the games become.

Attractive characters and a nonsensical story!

Demons, Overlords, and Angels full of individuality doing as they please! 

In this game, you can enjoy a nonsensical and exhilarating story where the protagonist Laharl  to become a great Overlord, leads Etna and Flonne into battle to get the Overlord’s throne.


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