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PlayStation®Plus October 2017 offer

*Offer Update* Please be informed that "Dead Rising® 2" discount offer will be replaced with "Dead Rising®" 90% discount. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

PlayStation®Plus October offers are coming to PlayStation®Store on 5 October and will end on 8 November. PS Plus members, it’s time to check out the free games and extra contents that you will be able to enjoy below!

PS4™ action adventure game “METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN” is our first highlight! Play as Snake a.k.a. Big Boss, awakens from a nine year coma. Driven by revenge, Snake establishes a new private army and returns to the battlefield in pursuit of the shadow group, XOF. PS4™ aerial-combat game “Strike Vector EX” satisfies your fantasy of waging dizzying dogfights with super-powered aircraft. Bursting with customizable mech-inspired ships, a combination of impressive mechanics, imaginative aircraft, and stunning, first-person, fast-paced multiplayer fights ! Or jump to the puzzle adventure in PS4™ & PS Vita “Hue” explore a dangerous grey land, unearthing coloured fragments on a journey to find your missing mother. As obstacles match the background, they disappear, creating new and exciting puzzles - full of peril, mystery… and colours unseen.

To celebrate one year anniversary of PlayStation®VR, Asia PlayStation®Plus will offer an extra Free Game title “RIGS Mechanized Combat League" to all PlayStation®Plus members starting from now till 8th November. Get playing!

More games and offers are listed below. Make sure you check them out!