Beat Saber kicks off new era of VR rhythm games

Written by: Michaela Dvorakova // Marketing manager

Beat Saber, rhythm slashing VR game and currently one of the most popular VR titles, took VR world by storm. All this happened despite the fact that the game was released as an Early Access version. For many, the game is “the reason they are buying VR HW”.

Feel the music

Beat Saber is like no other game. Entering a mysterious virtual environment, tension intensifies with the first beats and red and blue cubes as they are coming at you. Slash! With Beat Saber, you just can't get enough. Its absolutely unique gameplay feels so good. Every move comes with its exclusive music tone. The game combines the satisfying feeling of the well-done cut with emergent perception of the rhythm. Unique experience is even multiplied by visually appealing virtual world.

All basic levels are handcrafted and come together with an original music content made exclusively for Beat Saber by Los Angeles-based music composer Jaroslav Beck. Highly addictive gameplay lets you feel the rhythm in every fibre of your body. All this creates absolutely astonishing gaming experience, especially in comparison to the games with auto-generated content. Beat Saber is without any doubt a perfect example of an VR art game with a great potential.

Easy and immersive

One of the biggest advantages of this game is its simplicity. Beat Saber is easy to play, thus understanding the gameplay and all principles in the game doesn't take more than a few seconds. This makes Beat Saber a perfect pick even for a VR first-timers or kids. Still, it leaves a lot of space for a very competitive players as you can easily join global leaderboards.

Thanks to Mixed Reality technology, players can create highly immersive gameplay videos and share them with their friends and Beat Saber community. Mixed Reality videos has been a key part of the huge viral success of the game even before it's release. Currently exceeding 300 million views in total across the Internet. It's not a coincidence when one of the new videos goes viral. 

Your daily dose of workout

Thousands of players already joined Beat Saber community and praise the fact that Beat Saber is not only a super fun game but also a great workout. Several fitness websites already discovered its fitness potential and trainers are even including Beat Saber in their fitness classes and daily routines.