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PSN Weekly Update July 17th

Welcome to the otherworldly - Kowloon's Gate VR suzaku

The remake of 1997 PlayStation® Cult Hit Title "Kowloon’s Gate VR: Suzakuand" will be available on July 19th! (Happy Hour Set IDR297000 , Standard Edition IDR272000) Kowloon’s Gate VR: Suzaku tells a dark take that takes place deep within Kowloon Walled City. An architectural complex made by more than 300 high-rise buildings, interconnected by a huge maze of dark corridors, Kowloon Walled City was probably one of the most densely populated place on earth, a city in the city located in the heart of Hong-Kong’s Kowloon District.

Set in 1997, the Kowloon Walled City is just a memory of the past due to its demolition. At the remake PS4™ version allow fans to dive into the world of occult with PlayStation®VR, where you’ll step into the other world with stereoscopic sound that further enhances the immersion.

Spread terror on the beach - Hungry Shark® World

The latest installment of the award-winning Hungry Shark® series now on PS4™! (IDR115000) Become a shark and spread terror on the beach! Sink your teeth on tons of new missions. Experience life as a shark in full HD with redefined, and fully optimized, gamepad controls. 

Take on everything the sea throws at you, from gruesome goblin sharks and the adorable porbeagle, to prehistoric monsters and giant submarines. Explore tropical islands, sunken temples, vast cities and frozen icebergs. Challenge yourself on land, sea and in the air with more than 250 bespoke missions that will test your skills. It’s no longer just about eating everything in sight, use brains to complete missions in a variety of compelling scenarios.

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