Destiny 2 Guide: The Menagerie / The Menagerie (Heroic) / Chalice of Opulence

The Menagerie

Destiny 2 is now in its seventh season, dubbed the "Season of Opulence"!
Calus has crafted a maze of challenges in his lost vaults. Test your might in his Menagerie, completing the trials to reap great rewards!
Here we will cover the Menagerie rules, in addition to going over the Chalice of Opulence as succinctly as possible.


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The Menagerie

The Menagerie sees one team of six people undertaking various challenges from Calus, concluded by a boss fight.
The enemies you face are not limited to Cabal. Expect to clash with races as the Vex and Hive, all consisting of extremely powerful specimens assembled by Calus himself.
Challenges vary by the room, and include reaching a goal within a time limit, destroying crystals, defeating shielded enemies, and more. Completing these tasks will require expert coordination with your entire Guardian team.

Game Rules:

- Fireteam: 1–6 players
- Co-Op Play: Yes
- Matchmaking: Yes
- Recommended Power Level: 690
- Victory Conditions: Complete Calus's challenges for each room and defeat the final boss.
- Failure Conditions: None.

The normal stages consist of randomly generated room challenges from Calus. Complete them to fill the gauge on the left side of the screen up to the skull mark.
Once the gauge is full, you will move to the chamber where the final boss awaits.
Challenges come in stages; the more you complete, the more the gauge will fill.
Even if you run out of time and fail a challenge, the gauge will still fill somewhat. Therefore, it's best to aim for the successful completion of each one.

Conditions for Playing

- Complete the entire campaign.
- Complete the quest titled "The Invitation."
- Own the Forsaken expansion and Annual Pass.
- Upgrade the Chalice of Opulence.
- Have a Fireteam ready to go or use matchmaking to create one.

How to Play

- Look at the Nessus map, selecting Nessus Orbit.
- Select the activity mode "The Menagerie" to begin it.


Rewards change according to the rune slotted in the Chalice.
Defeat the boss to spawn a treasure chest which contains your reward.
The content of the reward depends on the rune affixed to the Chalice.
While it is possible to begin the Menagerie without slotting a rune into the Chalice,
be advised that defeating the Menagerie boss will not produce a reward.
Placing a rune in the Chalice after defeating the boss will work as well, rewarding you with treasure.

The Menagerie (Heroic)

From stronger foes to revive limits and tougher weekly objectives, Heroic is a significant step up from the normal mode in all aspects. As implied, you will require skills befitting of a genuine hero to survive. Cooperation with your team is absolutely essential.

Game Rules:

- Fireteam: 1–6 players
- Co-Op Play: Yes
- Matchmaking: No
- Recommended Power Level: 740
- Victory Conditions: Complete Calus's challenges for each room and defeat the final boss.
- Failure Conditions:
  1. Your entire Fireteam is defeated while inside a no-respawn zone.
  2. You have attempted all of the challenges, but failed to raise your meter to 100%.
In normal mode, stages keep generating at random until your meter fills to 100%. Heroic, however, utilizes a fixed number of stages, so if your meter isn't at 100% by the time you complete the entire sequence, you fail.

Conditions for Playing

- You have beaten the Menagerie on normal.
- Power level is 740 or higher.

How to Play

- Look at the Nessus map, selecting Nessus Orbit.
- Select the activity mode "The Menagerie (Heroic)" to begin it.


- Rewards change according to the rune slotted in the Chalice.
- Defeating the boss will sometimes drop a unique reward.
Rewards abide by the same rules as the Menagerie on normal—with the exception of a unique additional reward dropping from time to time.

The Chalice of Opulence

The Chalice of Opulence is required to receive your reward for completing the Menagerie. It can be obtained by completing the quest "The Invitation."

Upgrading the Chalice

Upgrading the Chalice will unlock a variety of additional features. Enter the Pursuits tab of the menu, highlight the Chalice and press the △ button. Then, hold down the 〇 button over the feature you want to unlock. Note that upgrading consumes Imperials.

Chalice Upgrades
- Rune Slots I, II, III
  Allows you to change traits for weapons/armor received when completing the Menagerie.
- Rune Compatibility I, II, III
  Increases the number of obtainable rune types.
- Rune Bonus I, II, III
  Gives extra rewards for completing Werner 99-40's weekly bounties, as well as opening the crate at the end of the Menagerie.
- Power and Efficiency I, II, III
  Gives powerful drops at the end of the Menagerie, in addition to Season of Opulence mods. Imperials can also be farmed from
  playlist activities such as Vanguard Strikes.
- Perfected
  Loot sources which normally drop Imperials drop runes instead.
The above covers only a portion of the entire scope of available upgrades. Rune Compatibility, for example, can also guarantee the drop of class-specific weapons and armor. You can view upgrade features before unlocking, making it a good idea to give them a thorough read before committing your hard-earned Imperials.


Speaking of Imperials, these are the currency required to upgrade the Chalice.

How to Get Them
- Complete Werner 99-40's weekly bounties.
- Complete specific Triumphs.
- Complete playlist activities in order to unlock Imperial-granting Chalice upgrades.
- Open the treasure chests in the Cabal Barge on Nessus once per week.
As shown above, there are a variety of ways to pad your coffer with Imperials. Use whichever method suits you best.

Special Consumables

There exist special consumables which will up your chances for rune and Imperial drops.

- Runefinder
  Raises the probability of rune drops in Strikes, the Crucible, and Gambit.
- Wealth of the Emperor
  Raises the probability of Imperial drops in Strikes, the Crucible, Gambit, and the Menagerie.

Both items will greatly aid your Guardian undertakings. Be advised that the Runefinder's effects are timed. Use it when you can make every second count!

That does it for our summary of the Menagerie and Chalice of Opulence.
We hope this information will serve as a boon to Guardians everywhere.

*Some of the screenshots shown are from the Japanese version. The game is playable in English.