Destiny 2 Guide: Bungie.net Explained!

What's Bungie.net?

Bungie.net is a community website run by Bungie, the developer of the Destiny franchise.

Bungie uses the website as a platform to relay info to gamers worldwide on a daily basis. The site also provides an environment for user-to-user interactions, and features a forum which the team at Bungie is constantly monitoring for player feedback.

If you have never visited Bungie.net before, keep in mind that the default page setting may be configured to English. The Language button (globe icon) in the upper right of the screen can be used to switch the site's display language, so feel free to choose whichever language you prefer.
Note that some content may not be translated into your preferred language.

Register on Bungie.net

You can easily register your account by linking it to your PlayStation™Network ID.

Go to "SIGN IN" from the top right of the screen and select "PLAYSTATION" from the drop-down menu. Then, enter your PlayStation™Network ID and password into the relevant fields.
Once your accounts are linked, simply log in to Bungie.net with your sign-in ID.

Things you can do on Bungie.net

Visit here for all kinds of info, ranging from the latest patch details and other newsworthy items, currently active events, and "This Week At Bungie" articles which cover various topics regarding the Destiny franchise.

This area features info pertaining to Destiny 2 and its related products.

Check here for information on each of Destiny 2's in-game seasons.

This is a community space where Destiny players can interact.

MY CLAN: If you've joined a clan, its information will be displayed here. This section also includes a dedicated clan chat function.

FIND FIRETEAM: This space allows you to recruit Fireteam members for Raids, Nightfalls, Strikes, and other cooperative activities. As with the forums, you can use the filter to display items in a specific language.

FORUMS: Players from across the globe gather here to exchange information. It is possible to display only topics written in your preferred language, so take advantage of the feature to find exactly what you're looking for.

GROUPS: Create a Bungie.net group, complete with a dedicated chat feature and its own forum. Check here for more info on groups.

CREATIONS: Contains a collection of user-submitted screenshots, videos, fan art, and more. Use the "Submit a Link" button to submit your very own creation. (Your submission will be subject to review by the Bungie team before it is displayed on the creations page.)

COMICS: Read additional stories depicting the colorful characters that populate the world of Destiny 2. Currently, there are comic books for Osiris, Ana Bray, and Cayde-6 available on the site. Check here for more info on the comics.

You can sort the various news articles on Bungie.net by category.

ALL NEWS: Display all of the news articles on the site.

DESTINY: Display articles relating to the game.

BUNGIE: Display articles relating to Bungie.

COMMUNITY: Display articles relating to the Destiny community.

UPDATES: Display articles relating to game updates and other bug fixes.

This useful section covers an array of helpful topics concerning the Destiny series. This is the place to check if you ever have any questions about how to play the game.

: Browse an archive of game guides and help articles. You can also search for articles on specific topics.

NEW PLAYER GUIDE: This section contains all the information a new Guardian needs to get up and running.

HELP FORUM: Like the other forums, you can interact with other players here. Try posting if you find yourself stumped on what to do. You can also reply whenever you see a post that you can contribute to. Your knowledge could end up helping out a fellow Guardian.

EVERVERSE: View info pertaining to the Destiny 2 in-game currency known as Silver, as well as Eververse products that can be purchased with it.

This forum covers Silver and other Eververse-related topics.

When using Bungie.net, please be mindful of your manners and be sure to adhere to the Bungie.net Code of Conduct.

*Some of the screenshots shown are from the Japanese version. The game is playable in English.