Destiny 2 Guide: Activity Reset Times

Progressing through the Destiny 2 story will unlock many destinations and activities.
Completing activities offers Legendary and Powerful Gear, making them high on a Guardian's priority list. There are many different kinds of activities, and they can be reset either daily or weekly.
The list below covers the main reset times for Destiny 2 activities—good reference for any serious Guardian.

Activities Reset Daily (every day at 2 AM) - Examples:

The frequent resets for these activities allow Guardians to access them daily. The rewards are relatively small, however.

- Daily Challenges
- Daily Bounties obtained from vendors

Activities Reset Weekly (every Wednesday at 2 AM) - Examples:

Updated weekly, these activities come with high-level rewards.
Guardians can earn gear of higher levels than their current equipment. These activities are a must for those interested in raising their Power level.

- Weekly Challenges
- Weekly Bounties obtained from specific vendors
- Clan XP rewards, Clan XP Contribution limit

Activities Reset Every Saturday at 2 AM

These are special activities which can be played from the weekend until the next update the following week.

- Xûr, who can be found at various destinations

Xûr, Agent of the Nine

Xûr, is an agent of the Nine and a mysterious vendor who sells rare items and Exotic Gear in exchange for Legendary Shards.

The 2.2.1 update patch (released 4/10/2019) has implemented the following changes.

- Fated Engrams from Xûr now have the chance to reward Forsaken Exotics gear.
- Xûr's inventory now offers randomly rolled perks for Exotic Gear.

The elusive Xûr can be found at a random destination each week between 2 AM on Saturday and 2 AM on Wednesday, so keep an eye out for him.

Xûr's location changes by the week and is not indicated by an icon on the map. You will need to explore the Tower and other locations if you hope to find him. Xûr has a penchant for setting up in remote areas. Should you see a hooded figure on a cliff or up in a tree, go speak with him at once.

Activities Reset Every Season

Some elements such as Clan Level, special activities like the Iron Banner, and Eververse inventory reset with each new season of Destiny 2.
Information regarding season start dates and other details can be found on Bungie.net.