11th September 2018
Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited
Singapore Branch
1 Magazine Road, #07-08, Central Mall, Singapore 059567

PlayStation®4 Software (PlayStation®VR Required) Déraciné will be
available on 6th November, 2018

Digital Pre-order starts from 11th September, 2018

Blu-ray Disc Version (SRP) of IDR 429,000

Download Version (SRP) of IDR 389,000

Indonesia, 11th September 2018 – Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES) announced today that a new PlayStation®VR title, Déraciné, will be released on 6th November, 2018. The suggested retail price of the Blu-ray Disc version will be IDR 489,000, and IDR 389,000 for the Download version.

About Initial Premium Bonus & Early Purchase Bonus

・Initial Premium Bonus (Blu-ray disc version): Déraciné Dynamic Theme – Classroom (PS4® Theme)

・Early Purchase Bonus (Download version): Déraciné Dynamic Theme – Classroom (PS4® Theme), Déraciné Avatar Set (7 Avatars)

 *Early Purchase Period:Pre-order period to 6th November

About Pre-Order Premium Bonus

Digital Pre-order will start from 11th September, 2018 on the PlayStation™Store. PlayStation™Network offers premium digital contents to those who pre-order the Download version:

・7 Pre-order Exclusive Avatars

・Dynamic Theme

About “Déraciné”:

Déraciné is a completely new VR adventure game from SIE Worldwide Studio’s Japan Studio, FromSoftware, and the director of the PS4® title ‘Bloodborne’ Hidetaka Miyazaki. It is a warm and mysterious adventure story based on the concept of creating a classical adventure game using the latest VR technology.

Déraciné is a French term which means ‘Wanderer’, 'Lost' or 'No Roots'.

The player takes the role of a faerie “In a world of frozen time”, who appears in an old remote boarding school occupied by 6 children and an aging headmaster. The humans are unable to see the faerie as it lives in a separate place in time. As this invisible presence, the player must interfere with the timeline, move to different time periods and indirectly put together the story in place of the children.

·       Search the world of frozen time for clues scattered around the boarding school.

·       Use your whole body to interact with your surroundings and discover fragments of information, to uncover the mysteries.

·       Alter time, travel to different time periods, use special faerie power to grant ‘time’ to the children.

·       Piece the clues and information together to understand the children and their story.

*PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Camera required for use of PlayStation®VR *PlayStation®VR is not for use by children under the age of 12.

Product Outline:




PlayStation®4, PlayStation®4 Pro (PlayStation®VR Required) *PlayStation®Move – 2 Controllers Required


VR Adventure

Release Date

6th November, 2018 (Tue)


Blu-ray Disc version IDR 429,000

Download version: IDR 389,000

Language (Subtitles)

Traditional Chinese, English, Korean

Legal Line

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