Account and Payment

Account and Payment

Account Types

Spotify Free

Available Functions

  • Shuffle play on Xperia™ smartphone
  • On-Demand and Shuffle play on PS4 and Xperia™ tablet
Spotify Premium
IDR49,990 / month

Available Functions

  • On-Demand and Shuffle play on any device
  • Ad-free
  • Unlimited skips
  • Listen offline
  • High quality audio

2 months of Spotify Premium for just HK$10.00

Link your account on PlayStation Network with your Spotify account and check out any subscription offers.

HK$58.00 per month afterwards. Only available to users who haven't already tried Premium.

Ready for Spotify Premium?

You can upgrade to Spotify Premium to enjoy your ad-free music in high quality audio and enjoy offline music on your mobile.

About Payment

If you purchased Spotify Premium from the PlayStation Store with your PlayStation Network wallet, you can view, manage and cancel your Spotify subscription by going to the Account Management page on the web or on console.