PlayStation VR
PlayStation VR

The Future of VR Gaming Arrives!

PlayStation®VR is a Virtual Reality (VR) system that enhances PlayStation®4 and enriches gaming experiences. After putting on VR headsets, players will be surrounded by an impressive 3D space in 360 degrees. Together with the 3D audio technology developed on our own, this system creates the sense of presence, allowing players to enjoy as if they are in the gaming world.

PS VR Setup

To start PS VR, you will need PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Camera. Almost all games support DUALSHOCK®4, but some requires PlayStation®Move motion controllers.

Limit your use of PS VR to within the Play Area. You can interact with games more directly because the camera captures the position, direction, and movement of your VR headset.

Trial Events

We will continue to vigorously promote PS VR by showcasing its titles at events, while also broadening its title portfolio. We will continue to bring the best gaming experience that is only possible with PS VR to all of you.