Destiny 2 Guide: Classes and Subclasses (Hunter)

Hey there, Guardian. It's me, J09. Let me fill you in on the Hunter class.


Hunter Characteristics

With abilities like Triple Jump and Dodge, mobility is the name of the game, making the Hunter an effective hit-and-runner.
In addition to combat, the Hunter excels at team support, making this your go-to class for environment interaction and slowing the opposition. In short, it's very versatile!

Class Ability

The Hunter's class ability is Dodge.
When the heat's on, use this move to whisk yourself behind cover. It's also good for rushing in to bring the battle close-quarters. The possibilities are endless!
Dodge comes in two variations, which you're free to switch between. Use the version best suited to your style.

Master Dodge and you'll be able to close distance while evading bullets!

Marksman's Dodge

Reload while dodging.
In a sizzling engagement, every moment counts. When reloading, the tenth of a second you're vulnerable might be all the enemy needs to put you in the ground.
This handy ability lets you neutralize the risk of long reload time by dodging and reloading simultaneously. That way, you can maintain an unbroken offensive flurry!

Gambler's Dodge

Dodging near an enemy charges your melee abilities to their max.
It's safe to say effectiveness in a close-quarters scrap is dictated by how you use melee abilities.
Dodging after you've meleed once will allow you to melee again!
In other words, you'll be able to chain a powerful combo like so: melee ability > Dodge > melee ability.



Each of these three subclasses corresponds to one of the three elements.
They are: Gunslinger, Arcstrider, and Nightstalker.
Much like class abilities, acquire these and you'll be free to switch between them at any time.
Go with your instincts when choosing which to use first. Don't worry—you'll eventually learn them all.
The Hunter skill trees, or "paths," are variations on ability sets.
Use whichever suits you best strategically.

Well, that should bring you up to speed on the ins and outs of the Hunter class.
Like I said, all the subclasses will be at your disposal in time, letting you switch freely between whichever ones you like.
You'll come across different grenade and jump variants too. Decide which fits best by testing them in the field.
Nothing beats the hands-on approach.
For info on the other classes, check out the links below.

*Requires purchase of Forsaken.

*Screenshots shown are from the Japanese version. The game is playable in English.