Destiny 2 Guide: Go Forth and Explore! Traversing Destinations

Destinations are home to a smorgasbord of treasure and interesting locales.

Finished the story's intro and find yourself bewildered at the wide world you've stepped into?

Thus begins your expedition of the game's network of destinations, with the map as your guide.
Don't fret. This section will show you the ropes regarding destinations and map viewing.


In the very first stages of the story, you meet Hawthorne and lend Guardian aid to the Farm, which has become a safe haven for refugees. You are then asked to seek out Devrim Kay in the European Dead Zone.

Destinations/the map can be displayed by simply holding the touch pad button. Highlight the European Dead Zone (EDZ) on Earth, selecting it with the ○ button to display the EDZ map.


Once the EDZ map comes up, you'll see two icons: one red, one white. Highlighting the red icon reveals you are in the Red War storyline.
Pressing the ○ button over the icon will indicate your current progress via blue light. Though milestone progress can only be displayed one at a time, it's a convenient way to get your bearings on the map. Try it!
The nearby white icon indicates a landing zone. Select it to touch down on the EDZ.

Setting your Ghost to Nav Mode will display activities and their progress. We're in luck. Devrim is only a stone's throw away from the first landing zone. He's taken up position on the church's third floor.
Let's go meet him now!

Reap the Rewards of Exploration
While exploring, you'll come across supply caches, consumables, and other items. It's recommended you leave no cache unraided, in addition to picking up any consumables you can. They'll prove useful when enhancing gear later on.
On that note, the EDZ features a consumable known as "Dusklight," which you'll definitely want to pocket. Each region comes with its own set of unique consumables. After touching down on a new planet, make it a point to sweep the area for useful materials.


After meeting Devrim, he'll immediately ask for your help. This is a good opportunity to get in some quick practice.

Begin the nearby adventure, letting Devrim help you along the way.
Knocking off stories, adventures, and other activities will gradually acclimate you to Destiny 2. Be proactive!
Each activity comes with a recommended power level. Check this against your own power level before beginning the activity.

The Enemy Never Sleeps

Exploration will inevitably trigger a deluge of events, big and small. These range from relatively straightforward public events to taking down high-value targets. Sometimes enemies will even fight amongst themselves!
Blaze through events and you'll be rewarded for your efforts. But be forewarned—you may find yourself surrounded by a hostile mob or lost in the shadow of a towering foe. In such cases, should a low power level rule out the option of fighting, run. Er... I mean, utilize a "tactical withdrawal"! Yeah, much better. Or, if a veteran Guardian happens to be nearby, joining forces might be enough to bag you the win.
The health of challenging enemies will display in yellow. Getting downed will display the recommended power level. Use this as a yard stick to decide whether to stand and fight or ru... I mean, alter your battle strategy to something less risky. After all, if you ever want to be a veteran Guardian, you'll have to survive.

New landing zones and activities will unlock as you advance the story and raise your power level.