Destiny 2 Guide: Gambit, Gambit Prime, and the Reckoning


Destiny 2 has entered its sixth season, "Season of the Drifter." 


The Drifter hosts the illegal Gambit, which pits Guardians against enemies of humanity. 

For season six, in addition to the normal Gambit mode, the all-new Gambit Prime and The Reckoning activities will be making an appearance.

In fact, they will be taking center stage of the story. 


This section will review the Gambit rules, in addition to providing a simple overview of Gambit Prime and The Reckoning.


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Gambit uses four-man teams, each assigned to a map. Defeating waves of enemies on these maps will earn Motes of Light, which can be deposited in a central bank. Once enough Motes have been accrued, the "Taken Primeval" boss is summoned. The first team to defeat it will be declared the winner. Motes can also be used to summon enemies known as Blockers, which will invade the opposing team's map and hinder their ability to accumulate Motes. It is also possible to send a single teammate over to the enemy camp to wreak havoc on their efforts.

Game Rules:

Game Rules:
- 4v4 team battle.
- Up to three rounds per match. The first team to win two rounds is the victor.
- The first team to take down the Primeval wins the round.
- For the third round, the Primeval will be present from the very start.
- The time limit is ten minutes per round.
- PvP level advantages enabled.
- Defeating enemies and invaders will drop Motes.
- Up to fifteen Motes can be carried at once.
- Storing enough Motes in the central bank will allow for the summoning of a Blocker to the opposing camp.
- 5 Motes = Small Blocker, 10 Motes = Medium Blocker, 15 Motes = Large Blocker
- Dying strips you of your Motes.
- Storing 25 and then 50 Motes as a team will open an Ascendant Portal, allowing for one player to cross over to the opposing team's map.
- Storing 75 Motes will summon the Taken Primeval.
- The longer you fight with the Primeval, the bigger the damage buff applied.
- Falling at the hands of an invader will recover some of the Primeval's HP.

Conditions for Playing

Playing the Gambit mode requires you first complete the entire campaign.
You must also have the Forsaken expansion.
And be prepared to use matchmaking if you don't have a Fireteam ready to go.


Taking part in Gambit automatically earns players Infamy.
Winning a match earns even more Infamy.
Gambit-exclusive weapons and armor are awarded when the Infamy Ranks are tabulated.


Gambit features its own ranking system, which sees match participation earning something known as "Infamy." Gain Infamy to climb up the ranking ladder.
You'll initially start off at Guardian, followed by Brave, Heroic, Fabled, Mythic, and lastly, Legend. Storing up even more Infamy on Legend will allow for a rank reset, if you so wish.
Infamy Ranks generally come in three levels.
Specifically, this applies to Guardian, Brave, Heroic, Fabled, and Mythic—while Legend only has one.
Win streak bonuses exist, capping out at five wins before resetting. Losing, as you might surmise, also forces a reset.
Note that joining an in-progress match will not reset your Hot Streak.
Infamy can also be gained by completing bounties from the Drifter.

How to Reset Rank

After attaining the Legend rank, fill up your Infamy Gauge and return to orbit to reset your rank.
Now, select "Gambit" from the Director screen, highlighting either "Gambit" or "Gambit Prime." You will then see the text
"[□ button] Reset Infamy Rank" appear below the mode description. Hold the □ button in accordance with the prompt to reset your Infamy rank.

Gambit Prime

An evolved, one-round version of Gambit, which utilizes the original rules as a base,
while adding a few improvements. The differences between the two have been detailed below.

Game Rules:

The rules are identical to Gambit for the most part.
The exceptions are listed below.

Item Gambit Prime
The number of Rounds One (except in the event of a draw, in which there are two).
Mote Draining
  • One or more enemy blockers have invaded your map
  • A special enemy Guardian is in the vicinity of your bank
    Either of the above situations will result in Motes being drained from your bank.
The number of Motes Required to Summon the Primeval 100
Primeval Has a shield.
Three Primeval Envoys must be defeated to bring down the shield.
After it is brought down, it will power up again after a set period of time.
Primeval Slayer (buff) Once all the envoys are dead, enter the Well of Light that appears to receive the buff.
Repeat the above to increase its efficacy.
Roles Four player roles exist:
Invader, Sentry, Collector, and Reaper
Special armor sets can be equipped to grant the perks for each role.
Conditions for Playing

The rules are identical to Gambit for the most part.
Requires the Forsaken Annual Pass.


The obtainable rewards and Infamy points abide by the standard Gambit system.
One notable addition is the ability to obtain consumable items known as Synths.

Synth types are specific to each role, and can be exchanged for special armor by completing The Reckoning, a mode which will be touched upon later. Therefore, it's recommended you stock up on Synths before attempting The Reckoning.

The Reckoning

This is a new activity entirely different from Gambit and Gambit Prime.
Both a machination by the Drifter and a mortal trial somehow connected to the mysterious Nine... Welcome to The Reckoning.
Like Strikes, it is a PvE activity. Players are tasked with defeating the Primeval within the allotted time limit. There are three tiers total, all of which are currently unlocked.

Game Rules:
  • 4人1チームで参加。
  • 制限時間内に宿られたボスを倒せば勝利となる。
  • 宿られたゴブリンなど通常の敵を倒すことで「支配」を進めることが可能。
  • 「支配」は時間経過と共に減少する。
  • 「支配」が100%に達するとレベル1はボスを召喚、レベル2以降は次のステージに進む。
  • 参加時に貯蔵器に「かけら」を預けることで、勝利後の報酬がプライムギャンビットの役割専用のアーマーになる。


- One team of four players is required.
- Defeating the Taken boss within the allotted time results in victory.
- Defeating normal enemies, such as Taken Goblins, earns Dominance.
- Dominance will decrease over time.
- Charging Dominance to 100% will summon a boss on Tier 1. On Tier 2 and beyond, you will advance to the next stage.
- Depositing Motes in the bank when joining allows you to receive role-specific Gambit Prime armor upon victory.

Because Motes differ with each role, be sure to deposit Motes which correspond to your desired armor.

Conditions for Playing (Tier 1)

- Complete the entire campaign.
- Have the Forsaken expansion.
- Have the Forsaken Annual Pass.
- Have a Fireteam ready to go or use matchmaking to create one.
- Power level is over 640.
- Accept the Drifter's quest and obtain the Weak Synthesizer.

As Motes are needed to acquire Gambit Prime armor, you'll want to feed your Synths into the Weak Synthesizer, converting them into Motes.

Conditions for Playing (Tier 2)

- All Tier 1 conditions are met.
- Power level is over 660.
- Complete any Prime Weekly Bounty and upgrade your Weak Synthesizer to a Middling Synthesizer.

Prime Weekly Bounties span four types and include helmets from special armor sets as rewards. These Bounties can be received from the Drifter, so choose ones you'll be able to complete efficiently.

Once you have your upgraded Synthesizer, you'll be able to synthesize Middling Motes. Depositing these in the Tier 2 Reckoning bank will earn you even more powerful armor iterations.

Conditions for Playing (Tier 3)

- All Tier 1 and 2 conditions are met.
- Power level is over 680.
- Complete any Prime Weekly Bounty and upgrade your Middling Synthesizer to a Powerful Synthesizer.

As with Tier 2, you will have to upgrade your Synthesizer. To this end, choose bounties you'll be able to complete with ease.

The Powerful Synthesizer allows for the creation of Powerful Motes. Depositing these in the Tier 3 Reckoning bank will earn you even stronger armor yet.


Emerging the victor earns you items in exchange for any Motes bet.

Tier 1 gives you Illicit Armor; Tier 2, Outlawed Armor; and Tier 3, Notorious Armor. Deck yourself out with gear gained from The Reckoning before charging into Gambit Prime!
Even if you don't win, any Motes bet will be returned. Don't forget to collect them!

About Armor

Each armor set is imbued with special perks, applied only when playing Gambit Prime.
They adhere to an ascending point system, structured like so: Illicit Armor = +1, Outlawed Armor = +2, and Notorious Armor = +3.
When the point total for an armor set passes a certain threshold, the corresponding perk is then activated.

For example, when Invaders equip gear from the Illicit Armor series to three areas of their body, they become Invader +3, enabling the Assassin's Munitions perk. Remember—the higher the point total, the stronger the triggered perk. When attempting Gambit Prime, make sure to go in with your best armor.


If your point total is a tad lower than what is required to enable your desired perk, there happens to be a convenient workaround. The Synths obtained as Gambit Prime rewards can also be used as consumables, adding a nifty +3 boost, albeit temporarily. Give it a try should you have Synths to spare.

*Some of the screenshots shown are from the Japanese version. The game is playable in English.