Membership Plan

Membership Plan

Membership Plan

Best Value

Our best value membership that you pay once per year and save up to 54.31%.

RM 159.00
(Equivalent to: RM 13.25 / Month)

Power up your play with a membership that that you pay for every three months.

RM 69.00
(Equivalent to: RM 23.00 / Month)

Give PS Plus a try with a membership that you pay for every month.

RM 29.00
(Equivalent to: RM 29.00 / Month)
* Percentage saving based on the cost of one 12 month PS Plus membership versus the cost of 12 rolling 1 month memberships.

How to Purchase PS Plus Membership?

You can purchase PS Plus membership via the following channels:

  1. PlayStation™Store
  2. Sony Store and retail store

Renewing Membership

You can purchase, or 'stack', more time to your PS Plus membership at any time.

Current Membership: If purchased 12 month membership  during your current membership. Additional membership purchased: Membership will be stacked and will start from end  of your current membership end date.
*You can check your membership date from Service List.
*There are voucher codes we use for promotional purposes that do NOT stack, but these are fairly rare and are used only at certain on-location events.