Welcome to the future of play
PS4™ Slim:
The PlayStation 4 Slim is a sleeker, smaller PS4™ and literally does everything. From watching your favourite movies to scoring a great slam dunk in NBA2K18 to raise the roof! Now that’s living.
Let the super-charged lead the way
PS4™ Pro:
The PlayStation 4 Pro is a level up in gaming, with Dynamic 4K graphics and HDR to make everything as real as real gets. With cutting-edge visuals, smoothness and graphics, immersion awaits. It’s time to play to live.




Humanity’s last sage city has fallen. The brutal commander of the Red Legion, Ghaul, has let an overwhelming force to victory, stripping the city’s Guardians of their power.

It's Gran Turismo like you've never seen it before. With blood-pumping realism, experience the high-octane thrills as you speed around the track against other online racers to become the best.

From Normandy to the Hürtgen Forest, the story of Private Ronald "Red" Daniels starts on D-Day with the U.S. First Infantry Division. Fight your way through Europe and into Germany.

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