Genre: Shooter Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.
Release Date: 2019/4/11 Developer: D3 PUBLISHER INC.
Age Range: Rating Pending Voice: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Subtitle: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Korean

EDF! Save this world undermined in despair! Put an end to this endless war!

The EDF series moves away from its traditional series and into new territory with this new project that will debut this spring.
Developed by YUKE'S, with a theme song by Takashi Niigaki and creatures designed by Ryu Oyama for an EDF game that has never been seen before.
Set on planet Earth devastated by war, this new adventure joins the EDF as they continue to battle to save the world.

Giant creatures, ravagers and 60-meter tall monsters:
Unknown aggressors in a world eroded by despair.

"Aggressor", the unknown visitors who came flying from the outer space.
They pose a threat to humanity, and quickly began their invasion by dropping numerous murder weapons, such as insect looking giant creatures, high-tech battle machines, and mega-giant monster-like creatures that only exist in science fiction.

The main fighting force of the EDF in this world eroded by despair.
The PA gear is a powered exoskeleton developed for combat.

The EDF has successfully developed a number of anti-aggressor PA Gear, which when worn, give the soldiers a variety of fighting abilities.


The most basic type of PA-Gear. Allows the user to make evading action by investing all output of the Energy Core in driving force and the shielding of the PA-Gear momentarily. It provides an exceptional level of performance, and in every battlefield they are used, everyone may expect stable military gains.

Jet Lifter

A mobile PA-Gear used for assaults and reconnaissance. Users can travel the air freely and easily attack the huge creatures which can't fly from the blind spot. On the other hand, the armor is sharpened to the limit to maximize the flying performance and therefore, the defense power is very low.

Heavy Striker

A heavy armament type PA-Gear. Its overwhelming strength allows the wearer to use two weapons at once. It is also equipped with a boosting mechanism that supplements its bulky movement and allows it to move at high speed temporarily. The Heavy Striker can also create an "E-Field" barrier in front of it to shield enemy attacks. Since recharging takes much longer after energy is fully depleted, this gear is only recommended for experienced soldiers.

Prowl Rider

This gear provides astonishing mobility by using its wire-powered "E-Needle" ability on buildings or enemies. The user can also deploy and control giant creatures in battle. Although the Prowl Rider stands above the others with its special abilities, the experience of a truly seasoned soldier is essential in order to effectively harness its potential.


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