9th February, 2018
Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited
Singapore Branch
1 Magazine Road, #07-08, Central Mall, Singapore 059567

PlayStation®VR Software Bravo Team™ will be available on 7th March 2018


Blu-ray Disc Version (SRP) of PHP 1,899


Philippines, 9th February 2018 – Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES) announced today that Bravo Team™ will be released on 7th March, 2018. The suggested retail price for Blu-ray Disc will be PHP 1,899.


“PlayStation®VR Aim Controller <Bravo Team™> Bundle Pack” will also be available on 7th March 2018 at a retail price of PHP 4,990 which includes a PlayStation®VR software Bravo Team™ and a PS VR Aim Controller.


The “PS VR Aim Controller” simulates the look and feel of a weapon in your hands right down to the virtual scope and built in haptic feedback.


“Bravo Team™” fully supports a DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller and PlayStation®Move Motion Controllers#1 as well.

#1 You will need two PS Move Motion Controllers to enjoy the game.



Bravo Team is set in a fictional modern day Eastern European city. When your escort mission goes wrong and results in the President’s assassination, a country threatens to tear itself apart...and your team along with it.

Communication is essential...should you split-up? Who takes that weapon? What can you see? Together you’ll need to work out a strategy to succeed and make your escape.


Product Outline

Product Name

Bravo Team™


First Person Shooter



Release Date

7th March, 2018 (Wednesday)


Blu-ray Disc version – PHP 1,899


1 (Players online -2)

Language (Subtitles)

Traditional Chinese, English, Korean



PlayStation®VR Aim Controller <Bravo Team™> Bundle Pack

Release Date

7th March, 2018 (Wednesday)


PHP 4,990


•     PlayStation®VR software “Bravo Team™”

•     PS VR Aim Controller



PlayStation®VR Aim Controller



Release Date

Now on sale


PHP 3,480


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