Genre: Action Publisher: SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
Release Date: 2018/9/13 Developer: Marvelous Inc.
Age Range: 16+ Voice: Japanese
Subtitle: Traditional Chinese, Korean

The latest series Fate/EXTELLA LINK is coming!

High-speed servant action is evolved more intensely and more refreshingly! Featuring Fate series servants, the latest Fate/EXTRA series Fate/EXTELLA LINK is coming! 

It is an action game moving around the field and using a brilliant ability such as Noble Phantasms to take down hordes of enemies. There are many new elements such as new servants, updated graphics and system, and a new scenario!

Reborn action and graphics

A further enhanced graphics and controls evolved high-speed servant action more intensely and more refreshingly. Activate various combo attacks with simple controls. Rout hordes of enemies with fluency combination!

A totally new story featuring 26 servants

Including 16 servants of the previous one, add a total of 10 new servants to the roster. A story is developing centered on new servant Charlemagne. With the appearance of Charles the Great, what is the new imminent threat to the moon world !? Drive thousands of enemies with overwhelming power over humanity! 

Multiplayer mode on PS4

An online multiplayer mode is available on the PlayStation 4 version. You can enjoy 4-on-4 online battles. The rule of this mode is to gain more points for your team by occupying a designated area. The team who gained the points to the maximum will win.

Premium limited edition

A premium limited edition which becomes a topic in Japan will also be released in Asian region! Includes Aruko Wada-illustrated Mahjong Tile “Moon Holy Set”, Fate/Extella Link Original Soundtrack CD, Scathach Costume “Sargent of the Devil” Product Code (only include PS4 ver.), and  Nameless Costume “Bowman of Justice” Product Code (only include Vita ver.). They are stored in an Aruko Wada-illustrated special box.


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Premium limited edition
Digital Standard Edition
Digital Deluxe edition

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