The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II Kai -The Erebonian Civil War-

Genre: RPG Publisher: Nihon Falcom Corporation
Release Date: 2018/8/17 Developer: Nihon Falcom Corporation
Age Range: 12+ Voice: Japanese
Subtitle: Traditional Chinese

The wheels of imperial fate begin to turn

The enhanced edition of "The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II" which is the second title of the "Sen no Kiseki" series that has topped 1.2 million sales will be coming to PlayStation®4! The game is centered around members from Class VII of the Thors Military Academy during the tumultuous Erebonian civil war, and depicts an epic story that leads up to the events of "The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki III." Now at a favorable price!

*Some screenshots are taken from Japanese version.

High resolution and high sound quality! Plus the High-Speed Skip Mode feature!

In addition to 60 frames per second frame rate support, 4K resolution support, and high sound quality for in-game background music, a "High-Speed Skip Mode" feature has been added to meet the needs of users who want to easily enjoy the gameplay of "Sen no Kiseki" and to those who want to speed through the story. With the press of a button, High-Speed Skip Mode can double the speed during events and on the field, and quadruple the speed of battles.

Includes over 100 DLC items, such as costumes, attachments and more!

The game comes with a total of 102 DLC items that were released for the PlayStation®3/PlayStation®Vita version of "The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II." These items include character costumes, attachments and accessory sets that are beneficial in the gameplay. You will be able to enjoy all the DLC items at the start of the game.

Continue the game from the PlayStation®3/PlayStation®Vita version! Import clear data to receive a bonus!

By using the cross-save function to upload the save data in your PlayStation®3/PlayStation®Vita console, you will be able to continue your progress after loading the save data with "Sen no Kiseki II Kai" on PlayStation®4. By synchronizing with PlayStation™Network, trophies from the PS3™/PS Vita version and other information can also be carried over. You will also receive a special bonus if you have cleared the PS4™ version of "Sen no Kiseki I Kai" and the PS3™/ PS Vita version of "Sen no Kiseki"!

Limited Initial Premium! Special Packaging Sleeve!

Special Packaging Sleeve "Zemuria GOLD Sleeve."

The gold color theme of the custom deluxe "Zemuria GOLD Sleeve" pays tribute to the Space Septium. Only available for the initial limited edition.


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