Catherine Full Body

Genre: Action Publisher: SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
Release Date: 2019/4/25 Developer: ATLUS
Age Range: Rating Pending Voice: Japanese
Subtitle: Traditional Chinese, Korean

The culmination of a pandemonium...

The provocative game that sold over 1 million copies worldwide continues to garner attention as it matures even further!

Rich and Mature Story!

Throughout the highly acclaimed story mode, our indecisive protagonist, Vincent, is caught up between two attractive ‘Catherine’s, but with the arrival of a third ‘Catherine’, the love triangle becomes a love square, expanding on the game’s drama with new scenarios, events, and all new features!

New “Safety” Difficulty!

Now containing over 500 puzzles in the action-puzzle mode, players are given more difficulty options, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the story with auto-play, even with the option to skip the entire stage! From useful to confounding features, this definitive edition will provide the ultimate experience for all!

Compete with World Players!

In the original Catherine, the mutch mode opens up once you clear story mode. This simple and tactical system is world acclaimed, and even now the tournaments are held both in and out Japan. In Catherine: Full Body, players can play the mutch mode from the beginning. There are also new stages, and online multiplayer is implemented.

Persona 5 Playable Character Joker & Phantom Thieves Special Commentary Set

Downloadable content that you can play as Persona 5 protagonist Joker in Babel mode and Colosseum mode. When playing as Joker, the members of the Phantom Thieves will provide commentary.

* ‎It will be available when you purchase the normal or the limited edition.

First-Print Limited Edition: Catherine: Full Body

The box art is illustrated by Shigenori Soejima! Remove the cover to reveal more gorgeous illustrations.

Catherine & Catherine: Full Body Soundtrack Set

The definitive edition of the CD set that comes in four discs, two of which being the original Catherine soundtrack and one being the new Full Body version and last is a voice actor roundtable discussion and specially recorded audio commentary.

  1. Catherine Original Soundtrack 
  2. Catherine Classic Arrange Soundtrack 
  3. Catherine: Full Body Soundtrack 
  4. Voice Actor Roundtable & Audio Commentary
Catherine: Full Body Art Book

The art book is filled with various character illustrations and setting illustrations. Enjoy a large selection of glossy illustrations to your heart’s content. (DVD tall case size/52 pages)

Two DLC product codes

Two Download codes that will make the special contents available.

  1. Catherine "Ideal Voice" All Voice Set

    A product code for nine popular female voice actors, who Catherine can be changed with. There are 11 voices that can be used for Catherine in total.

  2. Special Content: "Nero Glass” 
  3. Vincent can wear the glasses, and you can see the characters that appear in event movies or at the Stray Sheep in their nightwear. (excluding during certain scenes)


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