An exhilarating shot by anybody and easily!

The first PS4™ title of the series, ‘Everybody’s GOLF’ is a golf entertainment game that will not only allow you to experience the enjoyment, exhilaration and the amplitude of golf, but the player themselves can enjoy the life of a “Min Golfer”! There are newly added elements that will let you enjoy playing golf by yourself, with a friend or family.

More exhilarating golf play on a wide scale courses!

The fun and unique golf play remains, and now you can golf on a wide open course that includes all nine holes, but not only that, now you can have fun with everybody by chatting on the golf course, do fishing in the pond and ride the cart and move around.

You are the protagonist!

You can enjoy the life of the “Min Golfer” by using your alter ego “My Character”! Select how you want to look and enjoy playing golf in the outfit that you like! Your golf skills will level up the more you play and be able to hit the shots you desire!

Play thoroughly at your own pace! Play lively with everybody!

“Challenge Mode” tournaments that allows you to play with the characters in the game or practice a difficult course by yourself in “Play Alone” and improve your My Character and challenge many different types of courses! On the Open Course, players all around the globe are challenging one another to test their own skills. Challenge other players around the world with your My Character and have fun playing New Everybody’s GOLF! Also, on “Everybody’s Golf”, you can play with up to 4 players max with just one controller. Let’s have an exhilarating golf experience with your friends and families!

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