Notice of termination of the “KNACK's Quest™”(iOS/Android) app Service


We greatly appreciate the support for “KNACK's Quest™” (iOS/Android)


Hereby we inform you the “KNACK's Quest™” app service will terminate on Thursday March 29th . We appreciate all users that have used this app from the release on February 2014.


As for the Playstation game software “KNACK”, all contents discluding app linked services will continue be available.


Details is as follows:

Termination of the “KNACK's Quest™” (iOS/Android)app service

Thursday 29th March 2018 6:00 pm (HKT)


Unavailable “KNACK” contents after termination of app service

Reception of items within the PlayStation game ver. “KNACK”

※Detail: Reception of all items from “KNACK’s Quest™” to “KNACK” service


It is due for the app service to end, however we appreciate the continued support for “KNACK's Quest™”