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Monster Hunter: World Beta Now Available for PlayStation®Plus Members

Comment from the Director

Hi, I’m Yuya Tokuda, and I’m the director of Monster Hunter: World.  Speaking on behalf of the whole development team, I’m delighted to be able to bring the beta of Monster Hunter: World to players worldwide.  This is the first time we’ve released a Monster Hunter game in all regions simultaneously, and also the first time the online multiplayer servers have supported global matchmaking, so it truly is the most worldwide Monster Hunter game yet.  That’s why we decided to release a beta in order to stress test the servers.  I hope you enjoy the selection of quests we’ve included in the beta and get the most out of it while it’s available.  By playing the beta and enjoying the hunting action of Monster Hunter: World, you’ll also be helping us out a lot!  A huge, living, breathing world of thrilling action awaits you.


First, please check out the trailer that briefly explains where your hunt begins in Monster Hunter: World!

Recommended loadout for new hunters

The game plays quite differently depending on your choice of weapon, so for newcomers to Monster Hunter, I’d recommend choosing one of the faster weapons, such as the Long Sword and Dual Blades.  These are actually the two weapons I personally use when I’m first testing out a new monster during development, as they let you move around quickly so you can easily get a read of the monster’s behavior.  We also have made quite a change to controls for Bowgun (Light and Heavy) this time so that it’ll be a lot easier to use for anyone who are used to playing shooter games.  I think you’ll be able to pick these up pretty quickly and get right into the hunt, or there even a training area this time so you can try out 14 different weapon types.

The ultimate hunter

The full game features a detailed character creator which will let you create your ultimate hunter.  For the beta, we’ve kept things simple and provided you with some preset hunters to choose from.

Hunt with Friends!

Co-operative multiplayer is a great way to take down the huge beasts in this game.  To hunt with your friends, all you need to do is start a session and share the ID with your friends so they can input it and join you.  But even if you haven’t got anyone you know to play with, go ahead and join up with other players from around the world.  Back in the day, I once joined a quest online to fight against a monster that I’d actually created myself.  I thought that being its creator meant I could take it on by myself, and ran straight in with my sword swinging, but I was too cocky – I got taken out pretty quickly.  It was embarrassing but the rest of the hunting party helped me get back on my feet and, together, we took the beast down!  I still hunt together with some of those hunters to this day.  It just goes to show you that even the most experienced hunters make mistakes, so take it easy on them!  You never know, you might be able to make some new hunting pals and add each other to your PSN friends.

More challenges! For hunters who have cleared all quest

Think difficulty level is too low?  Experienced hunters can challenge Rathalos in the “Ancient Forest” and Diablos at the “Wildspire Waste.”  Rathalos and Diablos aren’t the main quest target but both are at the top of the food chain in their respective maps.  I spent a lot of time working on them, from making them visually impressive to the gameplay balance while hunting them.  They’re very challenging, but if you can successfully take them down, the sense of achievement and satisfaction you get is second to none, and that’s what makes Monster Hunter so special!  Let’s get out there and hunt together!