Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong

End of Service Announcement for The Tomorrow Children

We would like to thank you all for playing The Tomorrow Children up until now.

This message is to announce that we will be ending online services for The Tomorrow Children at 5pm (Japan Time) of the 1st of November 2017 (Wed).


The Tomorrow Children development and operations team would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for taking part and enjoying our title since the service began in September 2016.


Please see below for the schedule planned up until the end of service.

We want to apologise to all of our users who still continue to enjoy this title and ask for your understanding with the decision to end the service.



■End Date for The Tomorrow Children Online Service

◇1st of November 2017 (Wed) 5pm (Japan Time)


■Schedule Planned Until Service End (Excluding Events, Updates and Sale Information)

◇6th July 2017 (Thu)         Service End Announcement (This Announcement)

◇28th September 2017 (Thu)         Removal of the Frontier Pack, Freeman Dollars and the free version of the game from the PlayStation™Store, as well as end of new downloads for the title and special items.

◇1st November 2017 (Wed)           5pm (Japan Time) End of Service


*The Tomorrow Children will be unable to be played after the service ends.

*The schedule until the end of service may change depending on certain circumstances. If any changes occur we will make another announcement


■Information Regarding Freeman Dollars

Any remaining Freeman Dollars will be unable to be used after the service ends. Please make sure to use any Freeman Dollars you still owned before the service end date.


*The in-game black market will be available to use until service ends.


There is only a short amount of time remaining, however The Tomorrow Children development and operations team hope that you can all continue to enjoy our title until the end of service. And we would like to extend our thanks and best wishes to you all who continue to enjoy and play our game.


6th July 2017 (Thu)

The Tomorrow Children Development and Operations Team