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The First Multiplayer Challenge for Novices

*This article is translated from the Japanese PlayStation.Blog article released on February 23, 2018.
*Screenshot taken from the Japanese version of the game screen.

The wait for the ultimate hunting experience is finally over! Countless hunters have already stepped into this New World and completely immersed themselves in the hunt so much that they have lost track of time. PS.Blog will join the cause by sending 1 veteran and 3 novice hunters to challenge this New World as well! So let the hunt begin! 

No experience? No worries! 3 simple steps to start the multiplayer mode!

Some might be thinking that “Although I’ve bought a PlayStation®4 and MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD, I have no idea how to play the online multiplayer.” These 3 steps below will show you how to go on a hunt with your friends right away!

[STEP.1] Connecting to the Internet!

First you will need to connect to the Internet with the PS4™. The PS4™ can be connected either by a cable or by wireless connection. A LAN cable connected to the main console will be necessary if you are connecting by cable. If the Internet is already connected by a LAN cable, cable connection will be automatically set. If you are connecting by wireless connection, remove the LAN cable from the console and select [Use Wi-Fi]. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure the Wi-Fi settings.

[STEP.2] Create an SEN account!

In order to sign in to PlayStation™Network (PSN) to enjoy a variety of online service on PS4™, Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account and internet connections are required. Creating an SEN Account is free. If you already created an SEN account with PlayStation®3 or PlayStation®Vita, you can use it for PS4™ as well.

[STEP.3] Purchase the privilege to use PlayStation®Plus!

The monthly fee for PS Plus is SG$6.90  and it is a service for members to enjoy premium bonuses. PS Plus subscription is necessary in order to play the online multiplayer mode and you will need it to purchase your “Membership” at the PlayStation?Store. You can also purchase a PlayStationRPlus membership card and enter the 12 digit code at the PS Store for your subscription.

You are all set! Let’s enjoy the hunt with your friends!

The first hunting session in “MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD” for a veteran and 3 novice hunters

4 staff members from the PS.Blog editorial group experienced the hunt through the game’s online multiplayer mode! A veteran hunter who played most of the titles in the series took 3 novice hunters under his wing for this experience!

The ultimate hunting experience in a brand new world! 4 players, 4 times the fun!

The single player is a lot of fun to play, but the best way to experience the game is with friends! However, some staff members were hesitant to challenge the online multiplayer mode…So we asked 3 novice hunters to tackle the online multiplayer mode together! It might be easier than expected. Let’s try out the hunt with members that you trust!!

Weapon recommendations for beginners from the PS.Blog leader

When speaking of close-range weapons, the Great Sword, Long Sword and Dual Blades are recommended, since these weapons have been available since the earlier titles in the series, and they will come in handy even for hunters who have not played the series for a while. For those who want to hunt from long range, the bow is simple to control and it also boasts paralysis and poison support functions which will make for an easy start. However, you should always go for the weapon that you really want to try out!

Utilize the squad for the multiplayer mode!

The squad will become available after the Gathering Hub is unlocked—it is an in-game community that requires invitation. You can either create it yourself or accept invitation from other players in the Gathering Hub. Squad members can easily contact each other, and you can effortlessly search for Gathering Hubs created by other members. You can join up to 8 squads, so join your friends’ squad first or get involved in a group that has the same goal like you!

Don’t just wait for an invitation since you can create a squad on your own and invite your friends or other hunters. There can be a maximum of 50 people in one squad.

[Hunters Introduction]
PS.Blog Leader

A player who has played almost every title in the Monster Hunter series. He has experience with the online multiplayer mode with not just real life friends but also with in-game players. He came up with this project and asked inexperienced members to participate in the multiplayer mode. He feels that this will be a great opportunity for others to get to know the fun of this title!

PS.Blog Tank A

A returning player who has the experience of playing “Monster Hunter Portable 3rd” in the series. Although he enjoyed the offline cooperative gameplay with friends at the time, he is not familiar with online multiplayer. In the past he used the Great Sword as his choice of weapon, and he is surprised by how the combat mechanics have improved in the series!

PS.Blog Tank B

A player who is completely new to the Monster Hunter series, and has never used voice chat in an online game before. He is taking a big step forward by playing this game with real life friends, and he will have the advantage of receiving direct feedback and guidance from them.

PS.Blog Support

Although he has a rich experience with games that have online multiplayer function and voice chat, he is still fresh behind the ears when it comes to the Monster Hunter series since he only played the first title before. Disregarding the leader’s advice, he insists on using the Hunting Horn. Let’s hope he can hit the right notes!

Inviting the members to the Gathering Hub!

When it was time to gather, the participating members were invited to the Gathering Hub. 3 members had already befriended each other, so they simply teamed up by using the “Invite a Friend” option from the menu. Everyone seemed relaxed, communicating with each other using voice chat and gestures.

The members gathered around the table at the Gathering Hub. “Wow, everyone is here!” PS.Blog Tank B’s comment showed his excitement of experiencing the online multiplayer mode for the first time.

Help out with other members’ missions!

Setting out for the hunt! PS.Blog Support asked the members if they could help him with his mission. Although the requirements for participating in a mission differ depending on the progress in the game, after confirming with all the members, this was not going to be a problem. So the mission at the Wildspire Waste marked the debut for the 3 members in the online multiplayer mode!

Most of the missions will start after the event scene has ended for the participating members. This time the target for the hunt was Barroth. PS.Blog Leader, being the leader of the group decided to distance himself a bit from the party in order to get a hold of the general situation and attacked with his Bow!

The general advice for the members was to “Recover and don’t force yourself when it becomes dangerous!” Other than that, the members were taking on the challenge freely on their own. Since there were many participating members, this also meant that the monster had to focus on multiple targets. The hunt was a success with no one fainting!

Next was to try catching Kulu-Ya-Ku!

Since the first co-op was an exciting experience, the veteran proposed a capture quest for the next hunt. Some members didn’t have any experience with capture quests, so the veteran explained to them how to use items such as traps and the Tranq Bomb. He also made it clear to them that the monster needed to be kept alive. He was a bit concerned that the members might find the task too overwhelming, but he was relieved when they reacted cheerfully and said that this “seems fun!”

The goal was to capture Kulu-Ya-Ku. The members showcased great teamwork as they called out to each other and lured the monster to the trap! The mission was a success.

Finally it’s the hunt for Anjanath!

Since a hunt for a stronger monster was proposed, the team decided to search and challenge Anjanath. Anjanath can be a powerful opponent for hunters who are new to this title. Although some members fainted during the process, the quest didn’t fail. After numerous attempts, Anjanath was finally becoming weak…

Monsters will escape some time after being found, so under the veteran’s guidance, the team utilized the environment to set up traps and paid extra attention to the monster’s movement patterns. Everyone gave their best effort and they finally got a hold of Anjanath!

The members had a hard time against an opponent that was even more powerful than Barroth and Kulu-Ya-Ku! As they were just about to take down this tough foe something happened…!?

Rathalos intruded during the hunt!

Rathalos flew down as the members were just about to put an end to Anjanath which is gasping at its last breath! With tremendous power Rathalos attacked not just the hunters but Anjanath as well. All the members were overly excited at the dramatic turn of the event! However, it was a tough situation since Rathalos was not leaving the members alone…

Some members even cried out “This is a joke, right…?” Anyway, the group decided to keep attacking Anjanath while leaving Rathalos alone!

Despite having some members fainting during the hunt, the group eventually made a safe return after carving the material from Anjanath’s corpse… The result was unexpected and everyone enjoyed the thrill of online multiplayer combat.

This is how I fought! Impressions from the hunters

After entering the New World and taking on the challenge of hunting and capturing monsters, as well as several other adventures such as fishing, the hunters recalled on how they performed.

PS.Blog Leader

Used weapon: Bow

It’s a one of a kind experience! Definitely try out the online mode!

Although I am a veteran and responsible for leading the group, I felt that it would be no fun if I gave out too many directions, so instead I chose to stay back and help out others from behind.

I only gave vital and necessary hints. When I was targeted by a monster, I tried to lure it to locations where members could easily ride it or lured it to places where they could set up environmental traps.

However, since this project commenced right after the release of “MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD” there was a lot that I did not know. Now looking back I think everyone might have enjoyed it more if I had brushed up my skills and memorized more about the monsters’ movement patterns and taken better advantage of the environment. 

“Did I have fun from this?” Of course! Besides having more hunter friends, I am glad that others were having a great time enjoying the game that I love. Although it is easy to use voice chat with members that you are familiar with, it is especially fun when it comes to playing the multiplayer mode.  

If there are people who want to participate in the online multiplayer mode like us, I suggest searching for a Gathering Hub for beginners and start from there. If you create a Gathering Hub for beginners, others will surely gather. Let’s enjoy the hunting sensation by taking down powerful monsters while working with each other!!

PS.Blog Tank A

Used weapon: Great Sword

It was refreshing and so much fun! This is a must play for “MHP” fans too!

Since I played a lot “Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (MHP3rd)” in the past, I played this game with the mindset that “Maybe I can utilize my skills from the past…?”

I was surprised at the improved combat mechanics such as attacking by jumping onto the backs of the monsters and the use of Scoutfly and slinger which made the game more accessible. That was my very first impression from this multiplayer experience. Although I used to play the ad hoc mode during “MHP3rd”, this was the first time for me to use voice chat. My impression was that it was not much different from the offline mode when playing with others at that time. 

Although I did utilize some of my experience back from “MHP3rd,” I was new to the “MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD”.

There were a lot of times that the leader had to explain things that I didn’t know, such as the field environment, the movement pattern of monsters that I encountered for the first time and methods for using things such as the slinger. These were definitely some features that I enjoyed from the Multiplayer Mode.

Since there were a lot of new and useful features, I think it become easier to work with others to bring down the monster. It was really exciting to take strategic actions right away by utilizing voice chat communications like “I’ll aim with the slinger from behind since it’s too crowed at the front.”

I definitely recommend those who used to enjoy “MHP” with others to try out “MHW” with your friends to feel the excitement once again.

PS.Blog Tank B

Used weapon: Dual Blades

Multiplayer mode is ideal for beginners to improve their skills!

This was my first time playing the series so everything was a new start. Although there was a tutorial at the beginning of the game, there were simply too many elements for me to get a grasp of, so I had a lot of trouble picking a weapon at first.

The reason that I chose the Dual Blades was because of the leader’s advice that “You can attack any way you want being the vanguard, since it is easy to use with rapid movements.” Since it was an advice from someone who is experienced and knows a lot about the game, it felt much better than having to figure things out on my own.  

I was able to get real time advice from voice chat after the multiplayer mode was unlocked. I was able get assistance for the hunt with messages like “Your top priority is to not faint. I’ll cover you so go for recovery!” or “Let’s take it down with the next attack! Use Potion and the Whetstone now.”  

I always rely on the Scoutflies during single play to explore the map. By going on a hunt with a veteran hunter I was able to learn about the gathering point too.

From this project, I really feel that although you can take the time to learn things on your own, you can really learn and improve a lot in a short amount of time by playing the multiplayer mode with someone more experienced. You might feel more relaxed with someone that you know in real life, but there is no need to feel embarrassed to play with someone you don’t know. If possible, everyone should utilize the voice chat to improve their skills.

Playing the multiplayer mode is so much fun and has so many merits, so I definitely recommend it to beginners!

PS.Blog Support

Used weapon: Hunting Horn

There’s no problem even if you haven’t played the series before! So enjoy the ultimate hunt!

I was traumatized by countless failed attempts at the “Wyvern Egg” transport quest in the initial title of the series, so much that I really disliked the Monster Hunter series until now. It had been 10 years since I had played the multiplayer function.

I selected the Hunting Horn as my weapon, although I hesitated at first since the leader told me that “Maybe it will be difficult for a beginner.” What I liked about the weapon was that it enhanced several abilities with the melodies being played. After trying it out during the actual gameplay, I wasn’t good at playing the melodies and attacking at the same time, so things didn’t really work well. I had a tough time while battling with Barroth… 

However, during the multiplayer mode, we managed the hunt somehow after other members joined us later on. Having comrades was wonderful! Later on we took on the quest with 4 players and I focused my task on supporting others. I was able to grasp the situation more and I gradually participated in attacking too. At times I was able to knock out the monster and it was fun!

I had the impression that since there are various ways to fight in Monster Hunter, the controls might become too complicated. During the gameplay this time, just like using the Hunting Horn I was not able to do everything at first, so it was important for me to gradually learn the skills and kept on improving. Therefore it was good to have a veteran hunter helping me while I brushed up my skills. If there are those who have preconceived notions and hesitate with the game like I did, I would like to give the following message from the Handler.

“If in doubt, take a bite!”

More fun and excitement for the hunt! Hunter Tips for beginners

We have a few tips for new hunters. It will be useful to know more about the Login Bonus, forging and upgrading weapons as well as about mining and carving.

Login Bonus everyday

There will be login bonus each day and you will be able to obtain consumables like Potion, Well-done Steak, and Honey. In addition to that, you might get “Lucky Vouchers” as well. Your reward money will double the amount if you use a Lucky Voucher when accepting a quest, and your rewards will increase too.

*Some of the contents mentioned in INFORMATION might have already ended.

You can earn up to 5 vouchers. You can also use the vouchers on weekends to get more rewards as well!

How to trade items

I want to craft an item but I don’t have enough materials! It’s not on sale!! In that case, you can either get it from other members or help out by handing it over to others (This might not work for some items). You can open the Item Pouch from the menu screen and select “Give” for the item. When accepting items from others you can select “Receive Items” from the menu screen.

There are many items that are only attainable by creating it, yet you might not have enough materials. So help out others the best you can if others are having trouble.

Utilize the Wishlist!

Register in the Wishlist if you want to forge or upgrade weapons and armors. A message will be sent if all necessary materials are gathered. You can save the trouble of having to confirm with the Smithy as to whether you can forge or upgrade your weapons or armors, so make use of this function.

Utilize the ○ button!

Rewards from the quest can be obtained all at once by holding the O button. By holding the O button you can carve materials from the monsters or mining items to the maximum amount you can own automatically.

You can reverse a weapon upgrade

You can reverse some weapon upgrades. All materials necessary for the upgrade will be returned if you want to reverse the process. After trying out various possible routes you might think that a particular route might be more ideal. In that case, this function will come in handy.

First upgrade the attack power with the materials that you have and then go back to decide on what route is the best for you.

Keep in mind about the quest progress for online multiplayer!

If you want to participate in a mission posted by other players for the online multiplayer mode, you will need to progress through the game until you are on the same mission. Even if the progress between players are about the same, you still need to progress into the event to a certain extent in the mission if you are playing for the first time.

You will be able to discharge SOS flares if the multiplayer function is available in the mission. Those who have progressed in the story will be able to participate.

Use Options to customize your controls!

You can adjust various settings according to your preference at Options in the menu for features like damage indicators, button explanations, sheathe settings, shortcut controls and camera settings. If you want to show the hunter’s face that is covered by the head equipment, you can set the display for the head equipment as “Off.”

Purchase PS4™ “MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD” at the PS Store from here
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Genre: Action RPG
Release Date: Now Available

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Number of Player(s): 1 (Online:1~4)*
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*PS Plus subscription is necessary in order to play the online multiplayer function.