『Monster Hunter World: Iceborne』releases on Sep. 6, 2019!
Pre-order available from today, May. 10, 2019 !

Shipping over 12 million units worldwide, Monster Hunter: World will be back with a massive expansion, on Sep. 6! Check out the latest trailer featuring new locale and monsters!

Also, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (Download ver.) is now available for pre-order!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (Download ver.)

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New locale “Hoarfrost Reach”

A cold, inhospitable region, covered in snow and ice. Various characterictics can be seen in this area as hunters will meet very deep snow field, steamy hot spring, and unbalanced locatioins potentially in danger of collapsing.

New Monsters

An elder dragon with the power to freeze all. According to ancient legend, it can freely control the cold, and unleash an icy blast of breath.

Wait for further information about Velkana’s lore!

A new monster with two giant horns, like a running brick wall that inhabits in Hoarfrost Reach.
A piscine wyvern that uses the sharp fin on its head to cut through the frozen soil, swimming freely through the snow. Beotodus is encountered in the first mission in Hoarfrost Reach.
Iconic characteristic of Nargacuga, hunting down its prey in an incredible speed from the darkness, still can be seen as well as new ecological features involving turf wars with Rathalos in Ancient Forest.
Wait for further information about the new tool: The Clutch Claw and addition of slinger combo that will advance your hunting action!

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