Destiny 2 Guide: Classes and Subclasses

New to the Guardians, are you? Welcome aboard.
I'm what you'd call a veteran Guardian. Been playing since the Destiny 1 days.
Starting out, there's a ton that you don't know...
especially when it comes to classes and subclasses. Choosing's no easy task!
Luckily I happen to be an expert on the subject. Yep, I've seen 'em all. Why not allow me to impart some of my wisdom?
You might be raring to strike out on your own, but humor me a bit, hm?


First up, classes. These determine a Guardian's abilities and fighting style.
While classic RPGs have class archetypes such as warrior, wizard, and thief,
Destiny 2 features its own three class types: Hunter, Titan, and Warlock.
Each class has its strong and weak points. While Titans have rock-solid defense, Hunters have exceptional mobility—I think you get the picture. There's no all-powerful class, and no matter which you pick, you'll still have the tools to beat the game.
"Dodge" and "Shield" are examples of class-specific abilities known as "class abilities." There even exist devastating techniques known as "supers." These pack enough punch to turn the tables in an uphill battle. I recommend you give each super a gander before settling on a class.
One thing—once you've chosen a class, you can't change it. So if you're still on the fence, listen well. This next part should help.


Let's move on to subclasses.
Each subclass specializes on a certain type of damage. Think of these as your RPG "elements," such as fire, lightning, and darkness.
Destiny 2 features three such elements: Solar, Arc, and Void.
For example, let's say you choose a Solar subclass. To master abilities utilizing the Solar element, you'll have to modify your approach to battle. Unlike classes, however, subclasses can be changed during combat. So start off with whatever elemental type feels right!

Skill Trees

Destiny 2 also features skill trees, the system which serves to further diversify subclasses.
Each skill tree has unique traits.
For example, one of the skill trees for the Warlock's Solar subclass is particularly suitable for support.
To sum things up, there are three classes, three subclasses per class, and three skill trees per subclass.
That's nine possible variations for one class, meaning a total twenty-seven variations across all classes. That's a lot!
Well, I could blab all day on this subject.
What say we save you an earful and employ some visual aids as we delve deeper?
Click on the class you'd like to know more about.