Destiny 2 Guide: Fight to Survive. Weapons Explained!

What are Kinetic, Power, and Energy Weapons?

Destiny 2 allows you to equip three weapon types at once and switch between them as you fight.
"I can grasp the concept of switching, but what exactly are these weapon types?" If you find yourself asking this question, you need only read on!

Switching Weapons

The game starts you off with a kinetic weapon equipped. Press the △ button to switch to an energy weapon.
Each press of the △ button henceforth will switch between kinetic and energy.
Switching to a power weapon, however, requires that you hold the △ button. From there, tap the △ button again to return to kinetic.
The topmost weapon icon in the bottom left of the screen shows which weapon is currently equipped.
The image on the right indicates a power weapon is equipped.

Kinetic Weapons

This is the basic weapon type that you'll find yourself relying on most. When landing a shot on an enemy weak point, precision damage occurs, trumping more damage dealt by energy weapons.
Should an enemy be fitted with a shield, however, kinetic weapons will deal inferior damage compared to their energy counterparts.

Precision Damage

Most enemies have a weak spot on their bodies. Landing shots on this vulnerable area will cause precision damage, which is much more potent than normal damage.
Precision damage can be dealt with almost any weapon. Exceptions include swords and explosive weapons such as grenade launchers.

Nailing a precision hit will produce yellow damage figures. Keep this in mind when going for a quick kill.

When the red dot on your weapon's sight turns fully red, you'll know you're trained on a foe's weak point. Aim well. The pay-off is worth it!

Hip Fire and ADS

Your firearm will be automatically held near the hip, as long as you're not pressing any buttons. Hitting R2 button in this state discharges your weapon without using its sights. Some weapons actually have higher accuracy when fired from the hip.
Pressing the L2 button will aim down your sight, zooming in and making it easier to hit foes. This mode is good when attempting to score precision hits.
There are some downsides, however. ADS slows movement, rendering enemies already in close proximity harder to hit. Your radar also disappears. Thus, staying in this mode for an extended period puts you in serious danger.

Energy Weapons

These weapons span the three elements of Solar, Arc, and Void. They're color-coded, with orange corresponding to Solar, blue to Arc, and purple to Void.
Energy weapons are capable of dealing major damage to shielded hostiles. Like weapons, shields are also elemental. Using the correct element to destroy a shield will trigger an explosion, damaging other enemies in the vicinity. A shield's element is indicated by the color of the shield.

The Three Energies

The energies of Solar, Arc, and Void are the three basic energy types comprising the Destiny universe.
Guardians and enemies alike make use of them. Fallen Captains utilize Arc shields, for example.
These energy types are also set to Guardian subclasses.
For example, in the case of the Titan class, Sentinel uses Void, Striker uses Arc, and Sunbreaker uses Solar. Offensive abilities (grenades, supers, etc.) are keyed to elements too.

Power Weapons

These weapons are capable of unleashing massive firepower. They're effective tools in emergency situations and boss battles, in which the extra oomph is welcome. But, as ammo for these weapons is scarce, fire with a measure of care or you'll soon hear the click of an empty mag. (That said, don't hold back when it's time to hit 'em hard!)
Power weapons are also elemental, and can be used interchangeably with energy weapons in elemental strategy.


Drop a hostile and it'll drop some ammo, allowing you to top up your supply.
Ammo used by kinetic and energy weapons are divided into two types: primary and special.
Primary weapon ammo syntheses are white, while special weapon ammo syntheses are green.
Heavy weapon ammo syntheses contain heavy ammo only, and are colored purple.
Keep an eye on your ammo stores or the enemy might catch you on empty. Regular replenishing is key to survival.

Weapon changing is another point we need to address.
Say you have two energy weapons; one uses primary weapon ammo and the other uses special. After switching from the former to the latter, remaining ammo will be 0—meaning you'll need to swipe some special weapon ammo from a defeated foe. The same logic applies if the process is reversed.
Always keep ammo type in mind when switching weapons.

Here's an example of a tried-and-true approach to combat. Use a kinetic weapon as your mainstay, switching to an energy weapon when a shielded baddie pops up. After destroying the shield, switch back to kinetic to deal precision damage.
And should you find yourself surrounded or up against challenging enemies, break out a power weapon to inflict some widespread hurt.
Knowing which weapons to use, and when, is crucial to overcoming the many trials ahead!

*Screenshots shown are from the Japanese version. The game is playable in English.