Destiny 2 Guide: Clans

What are Clans?

Clans are a type of Destiny 2 community composed of players with similar goals and ambitions.
On Bungie.net, Clan members have access to features such as Clan Chat and dedicated forums. In-game, they will be alerted to the login status of other Clan members, earn Clan XP, and raise their Clan Level. This in turn leads to Clan Perks, Clan Engrams, and other unique bonuses.
As you can see, Clans in Destiny 2 are more than a tool for making friends; they represent a rich ecosystem providing a vast number of player benefits.
For additional information on Clans, please refer to Bungie's official Destiny 2 Clans Guide, linked below.

Register on Bungie.net

Bungie.net is a US-based community site operated by Bungie, the developer of the Destiny franchise.
Since the Clan system is integrated into the Bungie.net website, you must be able to sign in to Bungie.net first and foremost.

Refer to the guide below for info on how to use Bungie.net. 

Searching for Clans

The Clan Recruitment forum (Community > Forums > Clan Recruitment) is your go-to spot when looking for a Clan. Should one of the many threads catch your interest, jump right in and start a conversation.

*You can set the filter to only display threads in your preferred language.

Creating Clans

Naturally, starting up a Clan of your own is always an option.
To do so, go to Community > Clan Search > Create Clan.

Next, enter information such as your Clan Name (up to 25 characters), Clan ID (up to 4 characters), Motto, Mission Statement, language, and instructions for joining. Once you are done, click on the "Create Clan" button.
Note that it is possible to change the above info at a later time.

Clans must have two or more members to be recognized in-game. Add members to your Clan by inviting friends or posting in the recruitment forum!

*It is not possible to join multiple Clans at once. 

The Clan page allows members to chat, change Clan options via the Clan Settings page—even edit the Clan Banner for an added measure of originality.

How's this for a Clan Banner? Hm... Not imposing enough?

Cultivating Your Clan

Once you have joined a Clan on Bungie.net, launch Destiny 2 and visit Suraya Hawthorne to receive your Clan Banner.
Fulfilling activities while donning your Clan Banner will earn Clan XP.
Earning enough Clan XP will raise your Clan Level.

*The Clan Perks depicted are from Season 2.
Raising Clan Level bestows a variety of bonuses on Clan members via "Clan Perks."
However, be advised that each Clan member can only receive up to 5,000 Clan XP per week. Efficiently raising your Clan Level requires the cooperation of all the Clan's members.
*Clan Level resets with each season.

Storing up 5,000 Clan XP to complete a vendor challenge will result in a reward engram you can collect from Hawthorne.
What's more, cooperating with your fellow Clan members to complete particular activities gives an extra bonus in the form of a Clan Engram.

*This is an additional reward for completing the Nightfall as a Clan.

As you can see, joining a Clan is highly beneficial to your progress in the game. Here's to friendship and a fulfilling Clan life!
For additional information on Clans, please refer to Bungie's official Destiny 2 Clans Guide, linked below.